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Posted by on 1997 Jul 29 |

Cougars and Jackals and Bobcats, OH MY!

(Crossing, Zoluren: 303 Skullcleaver 351)

Here it is, just three weeks after the migration festival’s beginning, and all of a sudden, the whole Town Green shivers, and shudders. Now the last time I checked, The Crossing was not built on a magor fault line, so we all looked about worriedly.

Thoughts flew around the farspeaker, announcing that a new menace had been spotted here in town, and they were coming in droves. The Western side of town was bombarded by hordes of jackals, a smattering of cougars, and not a few bobcats.

I believe, though I have no proof, that these animals were simply mad with fright, for when we explored the new path from the Siergelde, we found a huge boulder of volcanic glass, split in two, as though it were some sort of egg, lobbed forth from one of the volcanoes. Just past this volcanoe was a steep climb and a dry riverbed, home to bobcats and jackals and cougars. It is my hope that when the mystic barrier parts, many of our younger hunters will be able to migrate there, for the excellent hunting opportunities it will afford them.

Our discovery of this new area was aided by many, notably Father Wyett, Ranger Yob, and Toeh the Holy Warrior. These worthies were experiencing visions, and by the sharing of this information, we were able to discover this previously unexplored portion of Zoluren.