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Posted by on 1997 Sep 1 |

Dark Talismans for Free

(Therengia: Dolefaren 351)

Oy, excellent wine you do have here. ((licks her lips)) No, I am not too young to be drinking, what gave you that idea? Here now, got something funny to tell ya. A week or so ago I was hunting marauders (Ah, I wish they still all had platinum on them, really I do)with a good friend of mine. We are just moving along out by Ker’Leor, looking for them tough gypsies when we came across an odd discovery. There was a Dark Talisman on the road, right in front of us. Unbonded, uncarved… ::shakes her head::

Now mind you, neither of us could use it, since we aren’t War Mages or Elemancers or whatever… But one can’t just let a find like that go untended. So my friend, he took it and popped it into his backpack. I shrugged, me not being interested in such a thing. But a few rooms later, guess what! Yes, another dark talisman of all things. We sat there for maybe a few minutes, scratching our heads. Another unbonded, uncarved dark talisman!

Now, as I understand it from the sign on the tree outside of Dirge, these things aren’t all that cheap. So you can understand our perplexity over the matter. Well, I scooped up the second one and pocketed it. Got it in the vault now, might save it for my boyfriend or auction it off.

The story doesn’t end there. Now my friend the cleric stops by the War Mage guild in Crossing and asks one of his friends about the matter. That’s when learn that they are uncarved and unbonded. As they are talking my friend glances over and guess what–another one!! Just lying there on the ground outside of the guild. No one around to claim it! ((shakes head)) I don’t know what it’s all about. Perhaps some overly rich War Mage decided to drop some out for the less fortunate. As it is, my friend the cleric already has some other friends who might have a use for them and as I said, there is always my boyfriend. That should keep him happy for a long time and in return keep me happy as well ((a wink and an inebriated grin)).

By the way, do you have any more of that most excellent wine? I could use a refill of my glass, if you please… ((hiccup))