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Posted by on 1997 Aug 21 |

Empaths Learn New Ability, Transference

(The Three Provinces: 345 Dolefaren 351)

Empaths in all three provinces have started their training in a new ability. Transference, the ability to heal others by taking their wounds to yourself, is now being taught to every member of the Empath Guild. The members of the Guild were taught what they needed for their current level and half way to the next in transference, so it would not take them long to catch up as is many times the case when learning a new ability. They need 4 lessons before 10th circle and 5 lessons after 10th. Transference is not a teachable ability, and every empath must learn the hands-on way.

Empaths found learning how to use this new ability very difficult, and if they stopped practicing for long they started forgetting some of their knowledge. Many members of the Guild got very frustrated when coming back from a short break they couldn’t remember some of what they had previously learned. However, Guild Leaders soon found a way to counter this loss of knowledge, and empaths no longer forget what they have learned in the transference ability.

What does this new ability mean for empaths everywhere? Obviously they shall learn how to heal their patients faster and more effectively by practice, but this reporter thinks there is much more to the transference ability. This is mearly my own speculation, but I think it shall be an empaths main "attack" when they get the ability to "heal" the undead to death. The Guild Leaders were unavailable to comment on this notion.