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Posted by on 1997 Jun 25 |

Empaths Learn New Spells

(The Three Provinces: 169 Uthmor 351)

A lot of new spells went live for empaths last night. I was with Lucymarie when she picked up 5 spells, and I don’t think she got all the new ones. (She has been waiting for a while now and had slowed down advancing thinking only 3 new spells were coming).

Disease: So far, only use for this one is that it cures mushroom poisoning (mushroom poisoning is considered a disease and not a poison).

Flush poison: Self cast only. We even got Merlin to poison himself but it was so mild it kinda went away by the time Lucymarie tried to transfer the poison. What was figured out last night was that the empath needs to transfer the internal injury (which is supposed to transfer the poison) and then cast this on themselves. Good for box traps, not sure if anything else out there poisons at the moment.

Innocence: Supposed to encourage critters to go attack other party members. Actually, I think it is supposed to just lower the chances of critters picking you out of the party to attack but we haven’t gone hunting yet to test it.

Spirit guardian: This one sounds good, but we haven’t been able to get it to work yet. Very mana intensive, and Lucymarie was unable to cast it last night. The description is that it calls forth a spirit warrior of a fenrae to guard the caster. We’re hoping to get to test it later today. One thing that is in the spell decription that I found interesting; the higher your charisma the stronger the warrior. (I may not have that exact, I didn’t have a capture going and Lucymarie started getting upset after she found out high charisma would be needed for the spell is all I remember. Then she got very upset when she was unable to cast it later after deciding to get the spell.)

Refresh: Took a few minutes to figure this one out when she tested it. It looks like this boosts strength. Lucymarie was able to drag Merlin around for a bit (something even Smahsh would have trouble doing ::chuckles::) when she finally realized two things. 1. Her fatigue was still at maximum. 2. Her burden was only at heavy burden (Lucymarie wears Heavy Plate Armor and carries around almost as much junk as Merlin.) Self cast only again (too bad, I so wanted to chop everything in half with one swing like them Togs do!)