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Posted by on 1997 Jun 15 |

Exploding Heads Strike Again

(The Crossing, Zoluren: 133 Shorka 351)

Dear Fellow Adventures,

I would just like to share a story with you about my experiences with exploding heads. I have read many articles on this strange phenomena, and it seems like the heads either explode for NO REASON AT ALL, or someone is near death and is in need of help. I was in just such a situation.

One day I was hunting rock trolls, the sun had just set and a rock troll jumped out a tree. I was already winded from my last battle, I tried to cast a lightning bolt spell but due to the fact that for some reason every room has been having lower then normal manna, I had to strain and could not cast the spell. The troll was at Melee range and I was trying to slice away at the thing, almost every time the troll would evade, or block. I was getting more tired with every swing and I went from bruised to hurt fast.

Just before my head almost exploded, the troll laughed monstrously and chanted, "Koraf korht aneadak!" Suddenly, the ground began to shake, the very rocks shuddered beneath the mystical might of the troll’s words!

I fell over, as many have when in such a situation with a troll casting that spell of theirs.

Then the rock troll’s head suddenly exploded and the troll collapsed with a heavy thud. It was dead.

At that point, my head felt as if it was about to explode, with a sharp pain through my temples. I was luckier than the troll, and lived to tell this tale.

I have come to afew ideas about this. Was this some way of some unknown benefactor trying to save me? I have heard tales of people being saved by the exploding heads. Or was someone/thing trying to stop us from fighting period? Are the exploding heads trying to tell us we need to stop killing everything and fighting, or am I way off and Tiero is just up to his old games of killing stuff? I guess we’ll never know, or will we?