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Posted by on 1997 Aug 8 |

Facts to Consider in Current Events

(The Three Provinces: 302 Skullcleaver 351)

So much has happened lately in the realms that I thought a list of facts would be in order. Nothing I scribe here is up for debate for I shall not write anything that I do not know to be a fact and/or about events at which I was present. I do this to aid those that are confused by the many stories that mix the facts of many other stories and combine to become nothing better than a poor rumor.

  • Demosel is a gypsy born woman that bears the title Weaver of Fate and claims to command the power of more than a 300th circled Moon Mage.
  • Demosel possess a mirror wraith talon that gives her longevity and powers that we do not understand
  • Demosel is an expert storyteller that occassionally will perform alterations on items of clothing.
  • Demosel was once a Guildleader of the Moon Mages
  • Demosel was sat upon the High Council of the Moon Mages
  • Demosel has a brother named Andraethu
  • Andraethu eats souls in some manner to increase his power.
  • Andraethu claims to possess powers equal to Demosel’s.
  • Andraethu once kidnapped Demosel but she escaped.
  • Grell (he is for another day) claims that Andraethu framed him for a recent attack on the High Council of the Moon Mages.
  • Andraethu murdered Mortreyu (and alterer and repairer) in Leth
  • Andraethu now preys upon the innocent child because he feels that he is releasing them from a world of lies and torture brought upon them by their parents.
  • Andraethu was once placed upon a rickety stool with a noose about his neck as a child such that if he lost his balance he would certainly die. This was done because he was not succeeding in his efforts to harness the magics he was being taught. This was done to him by his father.
  • Andraethu possesses a strange "Trapezoid" shaped object that possesses some strange powers. He asked Mortreyu to repair it the night he murdered him.
  • Stavro is a member of the Y’shai. An order that dedicates its live to protecting the High Council of Moon Mages even at the cost of their own.
  • Stavro was at least a 75th circle Moon Mage before he dedicated his live to the Y’shai.
  • Stavro can summon a Crimson and Onyx Moonblade. Demosel said that as we grow in understanding within the guild the guildleaders will someday teach us how to combine the powers of more than one moon into our moonblades.
  • The leader of the High Council can look through the eyes of Stavro and witnesses all that he sees.
  • Stavro has been sent by the council to study the prophecy that was delivered by the Mirror Wraith at the Temple of Tasmine.
  • Stavro has been sent to investigate the crimes committed by Andraethu.
  • Brynnden (possibly spelled wrong) is a champion from the north that has come seeking worth opponents in the crossing.
  • He has dueled with Violet on at least two occassions. The duels were meant to be to first blood. However, in their metal armors neither could make each other bleed. In the second duel Violet fell to a lucky strike and died but did not bleed. It was obviously an accident to all those present.
  • Byrnnden has referenced that he may host a tournament in the Crossing in the near future.
  • Mibgluc is a Fire Wizard that claims to be able to control the volcanoes.
  • Mibgluc holds a staff that appears to contain great power.
  • Mibgluc claims to be able to control the green lightening that struck so many of our citizens.
  • Mibgluc claims to be the one that unleashed the volcano that destroyed Sickle Grove.

My ink has run dry and my fingers tire of writing in such a dull manner. I shall stop my list here, but tell you that I am always willing to relate more to those who want to listen to more of the things that I have witnessed that may affect our lands in the coming days. I will be living in the Crossing until the festival has left and if I am in town I am generally speaking with my friends in Town Green Southeast. Feel free to drop by and ask me any questions that you may have, though I may ask that we move to a quieter place as I would not wish to bother the others that try to rest and recuperate in the Town Green Southeast.

By my mind and hand,

Joshuah, son of Jorim and Esibo