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Posted by on 1997 Jun 23 |

New Spells for the Lost Ones

(Crossing, Zoluren: 3 Uthmor 351)

Kalika, da Ranger Guildmistress fer da Crossing, be giving out new spells ta Lost Ones wit an open slot in dere magick’s book. Da spells be Wolf Scent and See the Wind. Wolf Scent ‘llows ya ta smells mo’ differn’t things den afore, or smells da same things ya always smelt ‘xcept in vivid detail. It helps out when a foragin’ fer dem ‘erbs.

Wolf scent kin be cast at a person ‘sides yerself. When I dun gots it, me friends Lari and Mir were a pestering me wot it do. Afta casting at dem fer a while, dey dinnae seem too impressed. Seems dem war mages dinnae think da spell no do nuttin since nuttin’ caught on fire, no one’s arms flew off, and no farm animals were molested.

Dere be sum confusion as ta da See the Wind spell. Da spell dun lets ya see da wind so’z ya kin figger ta aim yer arra’s betta. Da problem being sum dinnae git dat as a choice, udder gots it but it no shows in dere spellbook, and sum could casts it witout been taught.

Dis ‘ere Lost One dinnae thinks Kalika should be a confusin us mo’. We’z already be lost as it is.

Wit deze spells brings da total dem ta four. Sphere of Protection from our Protection book, Compost and See the Wind from da Nature Book, and Wolf Scent from da new Animal book.

As I t’were standing dere a listenin ta Kalika tells me ’bouts our new magicks, she sed she was a teachin me Elemental Magicks. I just kinda lookie’d at her rite ‘ard den nudged ‘er. I went ’round openin all da winda’s in da Crossing Guild. Methinks she dun spent till da wee ‘ours da morn testing Wolf Scent on ‘erself and she was feelin kinda lite-headed. Hopefully, she already recalled dat we all lernts Life Magicks.

Dat be it frum dis ‘ere Lost One.

Baresh started working at the Wren’s Nest when it first opened in 349AL. He’s been hearing the news and pouring drinks ever since then.