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Posted by on 1997 Aug 1 |

Pigs Run Wild on City Streets

(Riverhaven, Crossing Therengia and Zoluren: 314 Skullcleaver 351)

Muddy pigs, fat pigs, smelly pigs, and pink pigs ran throughout Riverhaven and the Crossing yesterday. There must be a pig market somewhere that farmers are heading towards, because both cities had pig cart accidents in town. The citizens were taken by surprise as dozens of pigs interrupted teaching lectures, conversations and concentrating mages. The blame for all this chaos fell on farmers whose pig carts had toppled on the way to market. At each incident, the farmer and his helper sat in Town Square looking on as the citizens of the Realms came to their aid and started rounding up the pigs.

However, rounding them up was not as easy as one might think. These pigs started kicking, tripping and dragging people down the streets! These vicious animals gave what were supposedly tough adventurers quite a fright as they tried desperately to get them back into the pig cart. Their efforts were rewarded as the farmer gave a small bright gem for each pig recovered.

After over an hour of rounding up the pigs they were all back in the cart and the grateful farmer left for the market. After the ordeal was over one barbarian was heard saying "Those pigs were vicious!" I think I’ll stick to Swamp Trolls.