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Posted by on 1997 Jun 25 |

Something I Recalled About the Guardians

(Shard, Ilithi: 168 Uthmor 351)

If you remember a mysterious message was dropped by a pigeon felled from the Crossing’s skies a few weeks ago.

To the Northeastern Sentinel, from She of the Winds:

I have been to That Place to observe, unfortunately neither undetected nor unwounded. I am once more in my abode, healing very slowly as my kind do, if you write back with “I told you so” I shall eat your grandchildren!

I still believe the risk was worth the reward — it is no boast that my shadow passing over their citadel has stricken fear into their hearts.

The Fool Son, as old Uthmor was wont to call him, is quite literally unearthing an ancient evil — not, however, the one we feared. I so despise this need to be circumspect, but if you recall anything of Wellsmarch where we first found you, you will have some idea of the threat our people face.

It may interest you to know that I saw none of Dzree’s brood during my reconaissance. I would give much to know their part in this madness. I apologize for the brevity of this message, but I must sleep now. My healing may take many years and you may not hear from me againbefore your mortal span (may it be long!) reaches its end. Either way, we shall meet upon the Starry Road and share a cup at Glythtide’s table.

The message reportedly was signed only with an ‘E’

After i had read this message i thought something was familiar about it so i consulted my history scrolls, and i found something, the signature, an E, could refer to one of the old guardians specifically Eerayn, there are clues also in the message to point to Eerayn, it is known that the Guardians like the fact that this E will have a long healing such as Glacis said to Lanival when Lanival was mortally wounded. It also speaks of the persons large body flying over the citadel the largest flying creatures i know of are Rocs and Dragons.

I know not who this northeastern sentinel is though, it could be one of the other guardians, Glacis or Silduua but i know not, then again it could be one of the sentinels in Shard.

Golgol Silverhair, Lycanthrope Warrior Mage