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Posted by on 1997 Jul 2 |

Spidera Suckers Shard Citizens

(Shard, Ilithi: 198 Uthmor 351)

Spidera, supposed ally of Tiero’s, warned the Shards inhabitants of Tiero’s plans for attack against the Great City several days ago. Her warnings included mentions of a flight of harpies that cannot be harmed by weapons or magic. Her other predictions included the fact that the black waters beneath Shard would rise, crippling the magic of all it touched, and while the eels came and devoured them. In short, Tiero was preparing to unleash Armageddon, and at the moment of Tiero’s triumph, Spidera would use her own powers to strike down Tiero. Her words were met, at first, with skepticism, and then horror, and finally, almost universal belief.

Today she arrived at the Empath guild in Shard, and announced suddenly that Tiero had discovered her treachery, and she was on her way into hiding, lest she be slain. When asked about any possible connection between the mysterious Mr. Grell, and Tiero, Spidera announced that Grell worked for Tiero. During this announcement, a figure not unknown to many arrived, Demosel, Weaver of Fate, and teller of tales arrived. Demosel then announced that Grell is allied only with him self. At this, Spidera announced that she was only a wandering mage, in search of money. Demosel then said that the Moon Mage guild did not take kindly to frauds. Spidera then admitted that her previous pronouncements of doom were merely a test, to find out how the people would receive a false prophet, and admitted to making up all of her various pronouncements. At this admission, Demosel said that she had other things to attend to, and left, without gifting anyone with a story, though she indicated that she would return soon, if her duties did not detain her.

Though Demosel had left us without a story, she did not leave us without a lesson. That which seems true is not always true. People eager to grasp at whatever intelligence there is regarding Tiero, or even the mysterious Mr. Grell are all to willing to believe the first credible source, without checking references. Spidera should be a caution to us all.

Spidera left Shard shortly thereafter, and her whereabouts are currently unknown.

Baresh adds, "At least she knows when to get out of town!" and chuckles to himself.

Baresh started working at the Wren’s Nest when it first opened in 349AL. He’s been hearing the news and pouring drinks ever since then.