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Posted by on 1997 Aug 19 |

Swampies have Electrifying Friends

(Riverhaven, Therengia: Nissa 351)

It seems that just as the hunters know to go to Swampies to battle tough critters that are occasionally laden with coins, the critters have realized that the Pier in Haven is a good place to go hunt us.

Recently the Pier was overrun by an unusually high number of swampies and they brought some friends. These friends were Gelv Cyclops and Dravngers.

The Gelv Cylclops wielded Gigantic Two Handed Swords which appraised like a weapon that even a God would be proud to bear. They had both Devastating Slice and Devastating Impact. Unfortunately for the proud citizens of Haven and other cities that stood against them.

Even though the Cyclops appeared more formidable, the Dravngers turned out to be the greater danger. These critters would pick up the weapons of our fallen comrades and use them against use in melee. One of them even acquired a Double Stringed Crossbow from a fallen defender.

These creatures came in wave after wave and were bolstered by as many as thirty Swamp Trolls at a time. This invasion was one of the longest I have ever encounter, or even heard of, for that matter. The invasion continued for the better part of three hours before it was over.

In the end we were able to hold the line at the Pier and drive the critters back to wherever it is they came from. However, they did see that we were very beatable and I wouldn’t be surprised if they come hunting us again someday.

By my Mind and Hand,

Joshuah, son of Jorim and Esibo