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Posted by on 1997 Aug 21 |

Timothy Goes on a Walkabout

(Therengia: 356 Dolefaren 351)

Timothy, the former empath of Sicle Grove, has been seen wandering all around the northern province of Therengia. He is no longer the man he once was, being in an unstable, disturbed state of mind. He is apparently reliving the horrible day when Mibgluc the Fire Wizard sent a lava from a nearby volcano down into Sicle Grove, killing his wife Penelope and all the children in their orphanage.

Timothy has been seen in RiverHaven, Dunshade Manor, Langenfirth, the Northern Trade Route leading connecting Langenfirth to Theren, and Theren. While holding a precious doll in his hand he constantly is mumbling about the children (from the orphanage) as well as of Sicle Grove. He is only vaguely aware of what is going on around him, accepting gifts and offering the last thing given to him in return. He has also been heard rambling about his pipe and how he can’t find it, however don’t try to offer him one for he is very afraid of the fire within it and shrieks out.

Being in such an unstable state he has acted very aggressively to other empaths who try to help him, in a few cases actually attacking them. He also shrieks out whenever he sees blood, taking the bleeder upon himself with our without the patients consent. This is the only sign he has shown of being able to heal others, however he has been seen healing himself on many occasions. Despite this he appears to walk with a limp, struggling from place to place.

Where is Timothy going? Why is he wandering about so far away from home? Will he ever be able to be cured of this strange mental condition? Perhaps only time shall tell, but the citizens of Therengia are on the lookout for an answer to these questions.