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Posted by on 1997 Jun 15 |

Weaver of Fate & Crimson-Robed Lich have Chance Meeting

(The Crossing, Zoluren: 132 Shorka 351)

A crimson-robed lich was spotted heading into the alchemist shop earlier today. The lich, going by the name of "P", told all present that she was here to study the libraries of the area and was just stopping in the shop to get a few supplies. She was asked numerous questions, all of which amounted to very little of importance. She was asked if she knew the Weaver of Fate Demosel, and replied no.

A short while after the lich appeared, Demosel the Weaver of Fate herself appeared in the same alchemist shop. The two had never met before, but appeared to become instant friends. When Demosel heard that P was interested in the libraries of the area, Demosel gave the lich a very nice book. Demosel claimed the book was given to her by Esouvar, but was happy to share the knowledge with her new found friend. Demosel then offered Mrs. P a trip to her private library, and of course she accepted. With a turn of P’s gold-silver ring, they vanished with a sparkle of lights, never to be seen again that day.

Why the Weaver of Fate and an extraordinary lich would go to the same common shop at the same time is quite an odd coincidence to this reporter. Perhaps the true importance has yet to be discovered.

Baresh started working at the Wren’s Nest when it first opened in 349AL. He’s been hearing the news and pouring drinks ever since then.