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Posted by on 1997 Jun 7 |

Weaver of Fate Spins a Tale

(The Crossing, Zoluren: 81 Lirisa 351)

This Eve, Mir, Egris and I, were entertained by one Weaver of Fate, Demosel Dez’Madielle. She appeared in the Town Green, South East section, where we were visiting. Demosel stated that this was an old tale, From before Men could speak, or animals could cry.

The following is what mine own eyes and ears witness of this charming Weaver of Fate.

She began, "Once there was a young lad. His name was Aedin. Aedin lived in the forest near a large, rushing river. This lad, Aedin, was a woodsman by trade. Often were the days he smiled in the sun and rolled in the sweet grasses of the hills near his home."

"One day Aedin came upon a dark nook in the hillside. A symbol was engraved on its surface…."

Demosel held up three fingers, forming them into an elaborate pattern.

"The symbol intrigued him," she continued, "So…he visited this nook yet again."

Demosel began to softly wave her fingers in the air, light coalesced around them.

"Aedin stood near to the enterance, and bolstered his courage."

Demosel began to wave the light into a shining disk. The disk expanded and glowed before us, a ball of white-hot light. Soon an image began to appear on its surface; a young boy standing near a grassy hill, near to a dark nook appears within the light.

Demosel said with a wink, "Easier to see the symbol this way." as she pointed to the symbol.

We could see the image of an intricate symbol carved on a rock set into the face of grass.

"Aedin stood near, and closing his eyes tightly, touched it!"

We saw the image of Aedin leaning forward and placing his hand on the odd sigil.

"The sigil then burnt into his skin, leaving the three fingered mark. He reeled back, the blood from his palms dripping down his pale arm. Forever was the symbol etched into his skin. But, it worked, for the nook slowly opened. Within was found the lovely form of a maiden. She had hair of spun glass, white and fragile to behold, and eyes of faceted diamonds like stars pulled from the night sky. She stood there, staring out unblinking, lost in some dreamless reverie."

"And after seeing her Aedin become so besotted, he knelt before her,and hence after never moved. Time passed as time wants, and so years grew over his shoulder."

The globe hovered softly in the air before us.

"Still, Aedin needed food nor wine while at her side. His dedication was unfaltering. Aedin never left the beautiful woman….he could not bear it. So becoming her slave, though he knew her not save that he loved her more than life itself." Demosel continued to weave the story.

"One day, while gazing intent at her face, he noticed the symbol burnt into his hand on a crystal shard in the wall. He was an old man now, and it took him effort to stand. He walked to the shard, and pressed the symbol on his hand into that of the wall."

"Suddenly, the maiden came alive. Her eyes, her skin, her hair…all became more than a part of a dream…seemingly never-ending. Aedin knelt before her as he always had, and took her hand reverently, gently kissing it. She smiled on him with the same love and devotion she had been shown by the ranger all his natural life."

"Aedin, then quietly lay down – and as humans are wont to do when they age, he silently passed away, a smile upon his lips."

Demosel says, "And that, my friends, is the end of the tale."