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Posted by on 1997 Jun 15 |

Weaver of Fate Tells a Tale at Moon Mage Guild

(The Crossing, Zoluren: 110 Lirisa 351)

A mysterious human entered the Moon Mage Guild last night. She was wearing a worn hooded cloak which covered her features. Leather hunts inscribed with fluid silver runes that shimmer as if being constantly woven and rewoven and a mirror wraith talon were also quite noticeable on her.

She was the Weaver of Fate, Demosel Dez’Madielle. She came to tell a tale of her mentor, Carno. The following is her story in her own words.

Demosel started, "Compact? Nay. But near the time of the Compact. It is a tale of the gypsies. Of one gypsy. My mentor. His name…was Carno. Carno was a wise man. He had lived a long life…sang many songs…fought many battles. In the end, as all gypsies do, he fell to entertainment."

"Carno was something few of the people are– what we gypsies brought to the Moon Mages. He was a master at Illusion. He could change the face of a king to a peasant– make a donkey a fair maiden from a castle afar. Carno, was called many names. Not all were nice…but in a way all true. He was wily as a wolf…and cunning as any panther that ever stalked the jade forests at night."

"One day, Carno came upon a small lake. The vision of a woman hovered gently over the waters. I was captured by the shadows for a moment. There was the wavering form of a woman over the water. She had luminous hair spun of moonlight…eyes like fine pearls…and lips pale as the twilit sky. And Carno fell to his knees, for he realized here…he saw Eluned. "My Goddess," he whispered. "I am not worthy of such an honor. Eluned smiled warmly at him, her skin shimmering like the surface of a lake."

"Fear not Carnovasch, for you are my son– and so, I shall teach thee oft some things for serving me well."

"This was a time when Gods walked the earth– not Meraud alone, when all thirteen, and indeed their aspects, were free with their favors to the mortal world. Carno spent thirty days hence at Eluned’s side by the lake. It is not known what passed there… Only that perhaps more was said and shared than spells and wisdom. But after the mooncycle, when the four were round and full with magic– then Carno learned of the gift called Illusion."

"And so, outside he went, and he began to weave with mind and fingers– with vision and Sight, the first illusion that man has made since the end of the ancient Saints. It was the Sea of Fate– from the shores of the Dreaming Lands lurking on the edges of Probability itself. For what better place to weave than the one all who See touch on? And so strong was this illusion, that after, long after…men who dreamed of what they saw traveled the Paths of the spirit and Aether."

"From his illusion… I made a spell myself for the Guild. But that was long, long ago…and I digress. Carnovasch took these skills, and passed them to his kin– For the blood of one gypsy is the blood of all except the Deceivers."

Demosel stopped to take a drink before continuing.

She continued, " Well…Carno wove the illusion of the Sea of Fate…from the Plane which spawns Sight for Seers everywhere. Long this gave men dreams and aspirations. It gave me the will to mold a spell to walk the Paths without a body– But that is a tale, for perhaps another time. At any rate…Carno took this knowledge… And first passed it amidst his kin. For the blood of one gypsy is the blood of all. Soon, he took it thus to the Guild… And it is now that all Moon Mages of sufficient rank might weave the spell. Currently only Guild Masters can weave illusions. Or those of higher rank."

"In times centuries later, it is a deadly spell. This is how one of your spells came into being. Well..two actually. Tsk, but one I should not speak of. Astral Paths is one of many spells I created. Burn is another I aided in…testing."

She then asked if there were any questions, and a few were asked. However, none were of great importance. The Weaver of Fate has been seen a few times in and around the Crossing, tell her tales to all who will listen. Perhaps she shall come again.


Baresh started working at the Wren’s Nest when it first opened in 349AL. He’s been hearing the news and pouring drinks ever since then.