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Posted by on 1997 Dec 28 |

A Commentary: The Rash of Snertness?

(From the Zaulfung, Therengia: 23 Ka’len 352)

Many of you may have noticed the continued groaning and bitterness and complaints that now hog the gweth — or at least the complaints about these complaints. What’s the cause? Some say the Snerts or Newbies, who really knows?

Now let’s define snert-(one of them) Someone Nobody(Noone) Ever Really Tolerates. And then there’s the term Newbie, this Slang word come about around the time of the of the first great population increase (some refer to this time in the slang as the ‘free’dom given by the old granite portal).

Are these really newbies? Are they really snerts? I know that sometimes I use my erm…brothers so I can pick up info and learn info on the various guilds, such as when the Jester was kidnapped(see realated story) as well as when Nambel struck after that(see other related story).

Well, my Brother was one of the few rational thinking people there, he even laughed at those who guarded Nambel and predicted what was going to happen. Yet when everyone died(almost), and he somehow escaped several blows from the voidspawn and other beings, he was THUMP’ed. Thumped cause he spoke the truth? Thumped for being considered a Snert? Thumped for no reason that deserved it?

It seems to be all of the above really, depending on what you call a Snert. It is like how some gauge wealth; for some 1 plat is tons of money other 100+ is tons, it’s all on perception. Just like the gauging of Newbie’ness or Snertness.

So is there really an explosion of Snertness? Or is it really that we’ve all grown up without being shown the way or showing the way, and those who were newbies are now higher up, so are they still newbies? They act the same, and treat those younger than them even worse, now is this thier fault? Or is it those of us who are older and coined these phrases?

So what I’m saying is probally this: it seems almost noone is REALLY a Newbie or Snert until they grow up and see what they turn into(reminds me of a fable of some ugly duckling that turned into a swan or something like that) who knows Deathmonkeyguy or Darkevilthingthatcreepsinthenight could one day have the respect that Wyett(in some opinions) had or some of the other more respected people. Or he could become the next Nambel? (I didn’t mind him, I actually respected the guts that this guy had, and this isn’t biased cause he once killed me…yes I CAN die…sometimes.)

Treat em right and try to show them the way, as stubborn as they can be, through non-violent means or not.

So is it really a rash of Newbie’ness and snertness? Or is it really a rash of newness? And remember the old ones can always return, who knows if the original Valken came back would someone thump him if he said something that disgruntled them? Maybe OUR newbies would consider him and thump him? Hmmm…how’s about that? Consider the guy you thumped last week, smacking you around if you ever had to Walk the Starry Road. Be afraid…be very afraid, Deathmonkeyguy might be your elder a month down the road…

Powerhaus, who writes big-long-run-on sentences, and is upset that noone will let him in guardians cause swampies, gargs, crocs, are now beneath him and give as much skill as goblins now…

[Ed. note: some of those big-long-run-on sentences have been disguised to protect the guilty…]

Baresh started working at the Wren’s Nest when it first opened in 349AL. He’s been hearing the news and pouring drinks ever since then.