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Posted by on 1997 Dec 6 |

Another Voice in the Wilds

(Riverhaven, Therengia: 243 Moliko)

I was on my way that early morning to meet up with a few friends and have a little hunt in the swamp, but while traveling the dear trail, enjoying the crisp morning air I heard a gostly whisper in my ear thet stoped me dead in my tracks.

The heavenly voice of Eylhaar whispered to me, "Sephirith, to Myself come you now. This life abandon and to the Void yourself give. Without pain or strife My eternal abode is. The touch of the Void feel you now."

A cold unearthly chill ran down my spine as I spun my head, franticly looking for the reason of my fear. As I collected my thoughts, it hit me, I had heard of a story like this right here at The Wrens Nest Tavern! I tried to think back to the story that Wanderer Scootle CrystylBow had told us all only a few days before. I was certain, I had heard the same voice that Scootle had…

What is Eylhaar trying to tell us? Why does she only speak to those traveling to the swamps? Why has she chosen us to speak to? Only time, and the gods will tell. But in the meantime I will continue to keep an open ear to the heavens, who knows what I might hear…