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Posted by on 1997 Nov 9 |

Benefit Auction for Warrior Mage Tower Great Success

(Crossing, Zoluren: 147 Shorka 1997)

At a time many people thought the citizens of the Realms were too cynical and caught up with only themselves, many astute and caring people banded together and in a short amount of time were able to make a tremendous difference.

After the news from Warrior Mage Guild Leader Gauthus last week that the guild was going to have to raise 1,000 platinum coins to rebuild the Tower, the donations of cash and items began to accumulate.

These efforts were made by both members of the Warrior Mage Guild and other citizens, without heed for Guild affiliations. As several hundred platinums were reached in cash donations at the Guild, Mir Devoir organized an auction of special, rare, and nice things. All the items were his, or had been donated by many scores of people, with the entire proceeds of the auction going to the Tower Building Fund.

The first night’s auction was held at the Amphitheatre and was so successful that it was held over to accomodate all the items and new donations.

Last night the second auction was held, with the gracious aid of Lord Treveri, in the auction tent on the Green. The official bidding process and auction tent helped to speed things up a lot — in spite of the large crowd gathered there.

Many unique and lovely things were sold, some things went for large sums of money, other things were real steals. Razor arrows, a beautiful custom-made shirt, a balanced and tempered nimsha, a Gorbesh bow, a cinqueda, original satchel and backpack, beautiful charms, fairly difficult to find armors, including a set of elven chain, and forester crossbows. Also auctioned off were some beautiful clothing and jewelry, some of it custom made, and so many high quality items I could not hope to mention them here. Traders and business people rubbed shoulders with adventurers and empaths as they jostled for the highest bid on these bargains.

According to Mir, about 1000 plats have been raised from the auction items, and will all be donated to the Building Fund.

But the donations in the Riverhaven Warrior Mage Guild have not reached even half of what they need. Warrior Mages who dwell and adventure up in Therengia were unavailable for comment at the time of this writing. The Guild Leader in Riverhaven is adamant that 600 plats must be raised to build a proper guild there instead of the one room office they use now.

With the rich hunting grounds in the swamp and all the Warrior Mages who live and adventure out that way, I am sure that a response to the Riverhaven Guild’s request must be well on its way.