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Posted by on 1997 Oct 12 |

Circle of Song Huge Success!

(Leth Deriel, Zoluren: Ka’len 352)

As many of ye may know, there have been many festivities surrounding Lormandu celebrating the coming of spring, including the revival of the age-old Circle of Song, as it hath been called. It was a gathering in the Faery Ring north of Leth Deri’el of all Storytellers and other Performers who came together to share their music and tales. Among the performers were Bards and non-Bards alike, and some non-performing spectators turned out, too, proving that people really DO still like cultural events.

The gathering was organized by Ahnelyne and Aislin, and Rayth functioned as an excellent Master of Ceremonies. Many people performed, and everybody was great. If you missed it, stop one of them and see if you can buy them a drink or two in exchange for a small repeat performance you.

Rayth Blackmoore played "Lormandu" a violin solo

Aislin Zedinista told the "Story of Trelda’s Faerie Ring"

Glimmerglass sang "The Cleric and the Bear"

Nesbit Plainsinger sang the "Elven Riversong"

Aislin Zedinista sang "The Rites of Spring",

a traditional folk tune of her people.

Ahnelyne Lyrithal performed "Oom Pah Pah"

(much to the delight of the gentlemen and the consternation of the ladies in the audience)

Landru sang "Our New Land"

Ardeo Cum’Puneo told the "Tale of the Brothers"

Ahnelyne Lyrithal sang "Fae of Heart"

Praise and Zygmund acted out the "Seeds of Hope"

a stirring play about Hodierna, the first apple, and the first Unicorn

Fellishan Silver-Gryphon sang "A Tribute to Hodierna"

Dreamheart Delaevan sang "Windsong"

Arubis recited "The Passion"

Narnianit sang a "Praise to Hodierna"

Iulio Stravinsky sang "Beneath the Trees"

Lhissa recited "In Memory of Friends"

Chiromancy spoke his heartouched feelings

of the season

Rendo sang a "Song of Spring"

Orpus offerred up a rhyme and a roast in good spirit

Iulio Stravinsky sang "Hodierna’s Call"

a song by Vogelin Wittelsbach, just published on bardic scroll

Razic sang "Spring Serenade"

a song by Saesealm Faoilean, just published on bardic scroll

Ahnelyne Lyrithal sang "Lormandu! Spring Day"

a song she wrote and was performed in a number of the Lormandu Ceremonies this past week

Each performer received a beautiful copper phoenix charm with an inscription commemorating the fact that they had performed at this wonderful event. Lots of yummy treats were served, courtesy of he prospective Talon Consortium, on behalf of its four tenets of Beauty, Community, Memory, and Growth.

This event was a great break-through because it was a cultural event filled with people of all races and guilds, filled with songs funny and sad, chants, and stories, and I look forward to its return next year! May there be many more events like this to come, spring or not. -Iulio Stravinsky, Elothean Bard