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Posted by on 1997 Nov 12 |

Eldryn’s Journey, part 2

(The Three Provinces: 146 Shorka 352)

In the first part of the story, I had found Eldryn, and taken him to the Tower to see Guildmistress Melear. . .

As soon as we got there, Eldryn exclaimed, "Auntie Melear!"

Melear blinked sudenly and her jaw almost dropped. "Eldryn? What are you doing here? Your mother will kill me if she finds out!" the guildleader said.

Eldryn wanted to join the Shard guild, but Melear would not let him. Eldryn stole some scrolls from a guild courier, one scroll destined to all the warrior mage guildleaders. Melear got hers, and charged Eldryn with delivering it Icerain, and Leriah, and I to protect Eldryn.

We set off to see Gauthus, and Eldryn was sad because none of the guild leaders would let him join because of her mother, Maegwynel(I hear she has a nasty temper, and the guildleaders are scared of her. She is the author of some books, available in the warrior mage guildhall.) We reached Crossing, and Gauthus was mad at Eldryn for stealing the scrolls. He would not let him join the guild, But took the scroll and read it to all the mages. It said that the Archmage would come and hold the meeting that happened a few weeks ago.
We then set of to Rierhaven, but I got lost along the way when I took the wrong trail. When I emerged two days later, I found a guild courier going to find Eldryn’s mother, who told me that guildmistress Kharazil let Eldryn join the guild, and he gave me a small token of the Lady’s thanks. Well, hope to see Eldryn again, and have him become a fine warrior mage.