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Posted by on 1997 Dec 5 |

Herpo and Aelissa’s Travelers Guide Awarded Honors

(City, Province: 346 Moliko 352)

The Guardian Mages have named Herpo and Aelissa’s Travelers Guide as the place to visit this month.
I have always enjoyed this terrific reference and travel planning resource, and recommend it often to people who need information about what there is to do, see, or buy in the various cities. They have also written up one of the most complete references to our calendar, and make their research available to all their guests.
In the announcement of the award, the Guardian Mages of the Realms called it an "incredible site." I cannot find any disagreement there. I have long enjoyed the many useful pieces of information there. This award is certainly well deserved.
There are more references there, including guild, peoples, constellations, a reference chart of the Immortals, and English to Gamgweth and Gamgweth to English dictionaries.
Enjoy your visit! Look for instructions how to get there at the Tour Desk, the Travelers Guide is one of the regular inclusions. Be sure to tell Herpo how much you enjoy his tales he tells, too. You’ll find his entry of The Red Smoking Jacket in the Book of Heroes at the Hearth of the Wren’s Nest.