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Posted by on 1998 Jan 1 |

Invasion of the Province of Therengia

(Riverhaven, Therengia: 352 Dolefaren 352)

Earlier today the swamps east of Haven were invaded by Darvagers and Cyclops. The amount of invaders wasn’t very big and the number of defenders that turned up was great. All were eager for this battle, to prove themselves and to ease the ennoy that has plagued the Realms lately.

Unfortunately, they didn’t think of an important factor, swamps=water! The darvagers’ lightning bolts showed their worst side as the backlash from the spell destroyed rooms-full of adventurers. For every darvager that went down, dozens of defenders went with it.

To make matters worse, the new developments in magic(News 16) meant that many of the Paladins, Empaths, and Clerics present fast got MindLocked from all the healing, glyphing, rejuving they were doing. After the initial assault the second wave came, although the fatalities of this one weren’t nearly as overwealming as the first(which can be attributed to the fact that there weren’t many adventurers left alive by that time). To make matters even worse, there seemed to be an endless stream ofgrave-robberies. Eventually, the invasion was halted(although I believe it stopped of its own accord), but the cost in lives AND items was great indeed.

Nostramus Rimbaum, Who is happy nontheless because he got a loincloth! 🙂