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Posted by on 1997 Oct 22 |

Musical Merchant Visits Haven

(Riverhaven, Therengia: 105 Lirisa 352)

Nytingale, premier lutier to the three provinces rolled her caravan into Riverhaven today. She brought many intricately made instruments and tote-bags. SO many different types and styles of instruments and totes that the two rooms of her caravan were just packed.

There were several instruments never seen in this part of the country before, Temple Drums and an Ox Horn that had a brass tipped mouthpiece. Other instruments had only been seen once before, at the last festival where her caravan rolled in late to the Festival of the Web.

Not only did Nytingale have exquisite wares but in the back room she even had a few few instruments she called premium, a beautiful cittern, the finest of violins, and an enchanting recorder. One even noted to cost 12 platinum lirums.

The wares were even so nice that this ‘tog barb even thought about buying one.