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Posted by on 1997 Nov 17 |

Saekhi Builds New Warrior Mage Tower

(Crossing, Zoluren: 182 Uthmor 352)

Today War Mages from the three provinces rejoiced as the Archmage Saekhi Laenaeo constructed a new Guild Tower outside of the Crossing. The Fire Wizard Mibgluc had destroyed the third floor of the old guild hall and it was decided that a new guild was needed. The Archmage Saekhi offered to construct a new guild but needed 1000 plats to do so. Thanks to the contributions of War Mages everywhere, and to a fund-raising auction held by Mir the money was raised in record time. Today Saekhi arrived in the old guild, cleared everyone out and set up a barrier along the path so he could work in peace.

The new Guild Tower was created outside the northeastern gate of the Crossing, a bit east of the old one. The guild is much larger then the old one, and has better facilities to suit the daily pursuits of its members. It has a workshop where mages can go to practice their craft, a storage room which holds food for familiars, and a Hall of History which has yet to be completed. There is also an extremely nice library, complete with comfortable furniture and pale pink walls where mages can read in comfort.

The biggest improvement over the old guild are the chambers which make up the upper floor. There is a chamber of steel, fire, water, earth, aether, air, and electricity. One for each magic book and steel for those who follow the path of a warrior more then a mage. These chambers are filled with interesting artifacts. The earth chamber even has a hole where familiars can go to rest!

So what happened to the old guild? It remains standing as Arhat’s Tower, which is expected to collapse with the passage of time. With the completion of the Crossing guild hall, the citizens of Riverhaven look to Saekhi for help with their guild. Saekhi said he shall begin work on it as soon as he recovers from this, which may take several weeks or longer. For now, War Mages are content with their new Guild Tower and extend great thanks to Saekhi and all who helped make this possible.