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Posted by on 1997 Sep 26 |

The Longest Winter

(The Three Provinces: 6 Akroeg 352)

The longest winter in recent history has befallen us. A winter that cannot be shrugged off as a correction to the calendar.

One day a couple months ago, we woke up and celebrated the new year. Then suddenly after that, we woke up and the Great Scholars tell us it is the past year, again. And so we lived twice through Skullcleaver, Dolefaren, and Nissa in 351.

And this week we have just celebrated the coming of 352 – again.

Without a thought for it, citizens in the Three Provinces have just gone on their way. But this winter started the first time the seasons changed in the 351st year after Lanival’s victory. Two dozen or more weeks of additional cold weather is going to create a dreadful hardship on farmers, food supplies, trading routes, and wreak havoc with civil and arcane reckonings. Even the scholars are quiet about the long lasting effects on the weather patterns because of this.

What sly force has given us this long of a winter? And why? Will we be able to get past it this time, or are we doomed to shift in and out of this winter as if we were marionettes dancing for someone’s whims.

Keep a wary eye peeled on the skies, forces that are beyond us are near, and their cold presence is making itself known. Damaris protect us.