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Posted by on 1997 Oct 12 |

Tornado Touches Down in the Crossing

(Crossing, Zoluren: 65 Ka’len 352)

We heard a howling outside, not just any kind of normal wind blowing, either, but a loud and fierce one that penetrated all the way indoors, where I gathered with friends.

So we went outside where we we glanced into a pretty clear sky. But then we noticed a swirling and ominous cloud. Which seemed to be growing nearer.

"Do you think it is headed our way?" I started to ask nervously.

Before the third word was out of my mouth, a tornado had touched down where we stood and I was knocked flat on my backside! Some people in the vicinity were tossed about in the wind, a block, or more, as the winds rolled over you.

As of this writing, no damage can be seen to structures in town, and neither injury nor loss of life has been reported. Both of these things are nothing short of a small miracle.

The tornado spun itself out in town, with some added assistance from many expert archers, and with the brave blade of Jolanda, the story goes, who must have known how to cut the winds just so, because it is reported that their efforts slew the tornado at dusk today.