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Posted by on 1997 Sep 25 |

Touched By The Gods

(Crossing, Zoluren: 3 Akroeg 352)

As I set quill to parchment, I still find it hard to believe how this new year has begun. But, this is a story that must be told, so I will set aside my disbelief, nae… disbelief is not the right word. Awe, is the only way to describe my feelings. For I have been witness to a miracle.

"What type of miracle?", you ask yourself, well, I shall relate it to you here, and perhaps it will renew your faith in the Gods, as it has mine.

I was sitting in the Library Hall at the Asemath Academy, feeling sorry for myself…..for I had been extremely rude to the Love of My Life, Athiana, and two of her dearest friends. But, that is a tale for another time. Calyx, Athiana’s white gerbil had come to tell me that I was forgiven….and that her master was worried about me.

"Brikmar, Athiana will be at the Warrior Mage Guild if you wish to speak with her," squeaked Calyx.

Realizing what a fool I had been, I stood, and wiped the remains of my tears away, determined to make amends for my actions. Little did I know, that The Fates were about to give me a greater chance than even I could imagine.

As I headed for the door, Calyx squeaked urgently, "Athiana needs you at the guild, hurry!!"

Glancing at the gerbil, I threw the bronze doors of the Library wide open, and dashed down the path….headed for the gate and into the streets. With all the speed I could muster, I shouldered aside the crowd of people on Clanthew Boulevard, and made a mad dash for the NorthEast gate, my ring mail jingling softly. As I neared the gate…I drew my scimitar, hoping I wouldn’t have need of it, but determined to be prepared. Dashing down Birder Lane and into the Warrior Mage Guild Hall, I quickly glanced around for Athiana. She caught my eye with a wave, and pointed frantically towards the crackling arch leading into the guild library.

"In the library," she exclaimed, "Hurry!"

I arrived to find the body of Artimisha lying on the floor, Athiana and Quandel bent over her in concern.

"What has happened here?", I asked, glancing at Athiana.

"I saw Sorrakk strutting down Orelana Ramble, laughing evilly as he dragged Artimisha behind him. I followed him, arriving just in time to see him drop her body and saunter out, a proud look on his face", she said with a frown. Glancing at me, she continued, "Brik, I know with all my heart that it was he who killed her, even though I didn’t witness it."

I poked Artimisha to see if she would move, but she seemed quite catatonic, she wouldn’t even moan a word of what had befallen her.

Hoping to drag her to a kindly cleric, so she could be resurrected, I grabbed her arm….but couldn’t seem to get her past the fiery crackling of the arch. Checking for elemental magic in the library was futile as well…for a mysterious force kept me from harnessing even the slightest bit.

It was then that I knew we had quite a serious problem, for not even a cleric could help her in this room…without mana to power his spell. Having nowhere else to turn, we decided to call upon the Gods and hope that they would hear our pleas for mercy on behalf of Artimisha. And, not a moment later….Artimisha was back among the living, foraging around the room….and examining her equipment, but she still had quite a vacant look on her face.

"She’s Alive!!", I exclaimed, pointing at her.

Almost at the same instant, Athiana exclaimed, "It’s a miracle." Knowing this was a most unusual event, to see one return from death so suddenly, and without the aid of a cleric, I knew we had the Gods to thank for this miracle. I knelt and began to pray.

"Thank you, for keeping this soul from the hands of Urrem’Tier," I said as I looked up at the ceiling with a newfound hope.

It was then that things began to get even more amazing.

As if what we had witnessed wasn’t amazing enough, I heard a voice echoing softly in my head, "Sometimes the Gods do take notice, and are displeased."

Glancing at Athiana and Quandel, I raised my eyebrow in a silent question, only to receive a nod from both, confirming that they too had heard the voice.

As I glanced up at the ceiling in wonder, I felt a strange sense of enlightenment, as if one of the Gods themselves had touched my soul.

And again, I heard the voice echoing in my head, "The Dragons of the Realms were known as Lanival’s Dragons, if you wish to know more, go to Asemath’s Academy and read again the history of Elanthia."

I glanced at Athiana again to be sure I wasn’t imagining things, and she nodded once more, with a smile.

"Perhaps we should go to the Library," she said. I nodded as I absently rubbed the book charm dangling from my gold necklace.

We all agreed that Artimisha, what with that vacant look in her eye, was in no shape to defend herself, so I asked Athiana to guard her while I stepped outside for a moment to see if her killer had returned. Searching about the guild, and finding no sign of Sorrakk, I returned just in time to feel a light breeze blow through the library smelling faintly of brine, another most unusual occurrence as there are no windows or doors within that chamber.

"I believe we can trust that Eluned will take good care of her," I said, glancing up at the ceiling one last time.

With a wave to Quandel, we head for the Asemath’s Academy, for a short history refresher. We perused the shelves for a bit, then decided to return to the guild one last time before sleeping for the night. We found Artimisha in the guild library, still foraging around, and examining her equipment closely, but, with that same vacant look in her eye. Athiana pulled her to her feet and I waved a hand in front of her face, and still there was no response. So, I grabbed her by the shoulders and shook her violently…hoping to bring her out of her daze.

It was then that we heard the voice in our heads again, "You are good children, I am pleased."

Then the light, briny smelling breeze returned again, this time caressing Athiana and I, as we glanced at each other thoughtfully.

"I think I shall sleep here tonight, love, to be sure she is safe", I said with a glance at Athiana.

Stifling a yawn, I gave Athiana a hug and a kiss, and we wandered off to find a dark corner in which to fall asleep.

"Goodnight, love." Athiana said as she snuggled up to me. "Yes, ’tis, isn’t it?", I replied with a nod.