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Posted by on 1997 Oct 31 |

Uprising in Dark Court

(The Three Provinces: Ka’len 352)

The recently quiet criminal organization, The Dark Court, is rumored to have undergone a change of structure after some of it’s highest ranking officers tried to take the Court for their own.

In the past, information on how the Court was run has been minimal; however it was generally understood that a council of elders was at it’s head. Speaking to a lower level informant I was able to determine that the Council’s former spokesman made an attempt to disband the Council, placing himself in power.

The informant stated that despite the involvement of several of the highest ranking officers in the Court, the coup failed due to compromises in structure by the Council.

Many traders who pay for thieving protection from the Court’s members voiced concern that their premiums would rise. Although all questioned traders refuse to have had any part in the failed rebellion, it is suspected that some of those Court officials involved may have accepted bribes in order to ensure lower insurance rates to traders.

The Thieves’ guild,and the Traders’ guild both refused to comment. Infamous for the Shanwynn assassination, the Court has taken done little against the civilians of the Crossing, but is known to be harsh on it’s own who betray. Undoubtedly there will be a few more bodies found at the bottom of the Oxenwaithe this month.