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Posted by on 1998 Feb 3 |

Festival Rumors Abound

(The Three Provinces: Ka’len 353)

After many portents, visions, and ominous visits, it appears that there may be another festival in the immediate future. The following events have occurred over the last couple weeks which point to the upcoming festival

  • A vision of a Raven flying south was seen by the Moon Mages
  • A vision of the constellation of the Raven appearing overs a tower with a crystal dome wsa seen by the Moon Mages.
  • Amiss and Demosel appeared in TGSE to tell everyone that many caravans and merchants were on their way South.
  • Amiss appeared in Shard and said that the festival had been temporarily delayed because the merchants forgot to bring enough canvas to set up all the tents and that her wagon had been attacked by blood wolves and had lost a wheel when the horses were spooked.
  • Tokah appeared and said that when the festival arrived everyone would know it because there would be alot of fanfare.
  • On of the sentinels in Shard said that the festival had been slightly delayed due to some zoning issues but would start as soon as these issues were resolved.
  • I heard (I did not attend) that an image of a grey silk banner appeared to the participants of the Festival of the Spring in Leth recently.
  • If you look at the consellation of the Raven, you will see that one of its eyes appears to be blinking (and the Raven is the constellation that watches over merchants).
There were other visions seen by the Moon Mages, but they had to do with the Celestial Compact and are not related to the festival. Therefore, I will go into that some other time.

Well, I it appears that fun may be in store for one and all in the very near future. Save up your coppers, or more likely your dokora platinums and lets all have a great time.

by my mind and hand,

Joshuah, son of Jorim and Esibo

Note: Demosel appeared recently and stated that the Wraith’s Prophecy is still active and that the arrival of the thrid Deceiver will be occuring in a very short time. I suggest everyone refamiliarize themselve with the prophecy and what has happened to date by listening to some of the older tales here at the Wren’s Nest.


Baresh started working at the Wren’s Nest when it first opened in 349AL. He’s been hearing the news and pouring drinks ever since then.