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Posted by on 1998 Apr 12 |

From Stealer to Healer

(Crossing, Zoluren: Dolefaren 353)

Ah with winter coming on, this fire is going to be a popular place. I just finished myself a game of Bones II, an’ come over t’ warm m’self.

Let me tell ye a little story, for before my life here, I was but a vagrant on the streets of this town. I was honorable yes, but I belonged t’ that guild our mouths sometimes fear t’ speak of: the Thief’s Guild. I hid in the shadows, scurried from gutter to sewer, climbed walls where ordinary folks just amble past. I lied to most folks I met, as a good thief does, but I naer did harm to any. And one day … a dark day … I befel into a confrontation at the guild. Aye, tis a big word, but that’s all I’ll tell ye. The upshot of it all were, I found m’self at the infirmary in the arms of a good healer.

This healer was none other than Amorisse. And words there are none that can do justice to this lady’s powers of healing. Other powers she possessed too, of which I was soon to discover. For Amorisse had discovered the source of my wounds. Like a dog to a bone she would not cease until she discoved the true story. Her anger beamed out to all in her thoughts and others responded – including the perpetrator.

Amorisse commanded me to bear my witness to the story in my thoughts also. And there were none that could find me wrong after that. But I had betrayed myself as a thief and brought dishonor to my guild in doing so. Even a message from the gods at the time of the incident advised me to stay away. I was to wander for some time – aimless, until one day I walked into the guild of the Paladins.

I must say to you ‘ere, before that time I had known of Paladins only for their wiley ways with the women of the Crossing and their sweet talking. But of these disdainful habits, I saw none in the guild that day. I saw only good souls helping new arrivals. I sought to help also. Hah! A theif help a new Paladin? Hah! ‘Tis too foolish! So I hung up my crossbow and my scimitar, and bade the good Paladins farewell.

I found me a friend, of whom I shall tell ye of no further, who would help me in my position. And a word to ye all, if ye follow in my footsteps then do as I did. My friend waited as I placed my possessions – chiefly a pair of high buttoned maroon shoes into a sturdy backpack. And here be those those shoes dryin’ as I warm my feet this evenin’. Dont screw up yer nose there. Bah! I left this backpack in my good friend’s hands and walked into the inn where I checked in. But that is another story.

Let me tell ye friends, the moral of the story! What? What happened next? Aye, I s’pose ye may be curious. Well, I made acquaintance with the lady Avianna. This lady, though she be a Ranger of fair repute taught me of the values of the Empath, and the path that they tread. Tis her word that took me to that Guild. And let me say there is no finer Guild.

Let me say to ye here this evenin’ that I bore full honor to my vows as a thief and to this day I have never spoke a word of the secrets of the guild. And never so shall I. Though if ye be a young upstart thief, I may have some advice for ye, such as a clippin’ around the ear.

Baresh started working at the Wren’s Nest when it first opened in 349AL. He’s been hearing the news and pouring drinks ever since then.