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Posted by on 1998 Mar 24 |

Invasion to the Right of me . . .

(The Three Provinces: Moliko 353)

The realms have been so troubled lately that I have had little time to sleep. The thought of sitting down with my quill and paper was too much to even contemplate. However, I feel I owe it to the citizens of the realms to make sure they are informed to the best of my knowledge so they can mount a defense against the recent unending onslaught of evil.

As my eyes can barely stand the light of the candle by which I write, I shall keep my summary as brief as possible without leaving out too much detail.

In the last couple weeks, the provinces have been invaded by many new foes as well as some old ones and for what appears to be many different reasons. Though there were many invasions, I shall only give my accounts of those that appear to have a much wider impact to the realms then a simple raid by a renegade band.

The first one was what is now commonly referred to as the "Pirate Invasion". It began when the Children of the Moon began to receive visions of a spectral ship arriving at our shores. The visions came again and again until they were almost painful to the recipient. Finally, when the mind was at its breaking point the Sky opened up and green spectral lightning began to flash throughout the lands. People were struck without cause or purpose and those about them were stunned by the brilliance of the flash. The citizens wanted to run inside to take cover when the Spectral Ships of our visions landed at every port. From Shard to Theren Spectral Pirates and Spectral Sailors came forth with an evil gleam in their eye. We were forced to fight both the invaders and the storm that punished us with stinging rain and sheets of hale.

Not necessarily our skills, but definitely our numbers were what won the day. We outnumbered the invaders no less than fifteen to one. As our defenses became more organized, they fell easily at our hands. As we let out a cheer of victory, their leader stepped forth. I have been told that he had the visage of an intelligent swamp troll. Though certainly our enemy, it would have been nice to let him speak what grievance he had against us as we so obviously could overpower him at our whim. Unfortunately, that was not to be. Phangor killed him first with a well placed burn. However, this was not the end. The leader continued to regenerate himself in some mystical fashion only to be attacked again and again by the bloodthirsty mob that had surrounded him. I witnessed this travesty and was splattered with his blood for the trouble. The blood began to eat at my skin and gave me a Rotting Flesh Disease the likes of which I have never seen. I ran to the Empath Guild and was cured by one of their finest members.

This was the end of the Pirate Invasion for now, but we have little knowledge of their ultimate purpose and their true numbers. We can only watch the horizon and see if their sails appear again . . .

By my Mind and Hand,

Joshuah, Son of Jorim and Esibo

Baresh started working at the Wren’s Nest when it first opened in 349AL. He’s been hearing the news and pouring drinks ever since then.