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Posted by on 1998 Jan 25 |

Oh No! A Grumpy Mentor?

(Crossing, Zoluren: 29 Akroeg 353)

Just as I was passing the Jadewater Mansion, I heard someone making a fuss. I pondered to myself "Who could this be making such a fuss in a place where the Mentors mostly dwell?"

As I stepped in, I could of sworn I just saw the most troubled man in all The Crossing. He sat over by the hammock, grumbling quite loudly to himself. As I approached him, his hood fell off from over his head and stood up to ask me "Do you need some assistance?" I stood with my mouth slightly opened in shock. Of all the descriptions I heard, it has to be him. It just has to be. The grumbling, the dark clothes….I just know it’s him. It’s Sneak.

I still stood there, in confusion and asked "You’re not a Mentor, are you?"

He grumbled, "Of course," and tapped the sign that I thought I should read.

And there it was….his name. Right next to the other Mentors. He stood with his arms across his chest, smirking at me and said, "I said, do you need some assistance?"

I knew this mur was quite the one you just shouldn’t play around with. I mean, he was holding a finger in his hands. I was scarred stiff. I saw light reflect off the gold dagger he carried in his boots. The one with the extra two blades that flick out of the main blade in a wink of an eye. I’m sure you’ll loose a finger if you don’t know how to operate it. Maybe that’s what happened…..he let a poor halfling play with it. What a cruel person.

He grumbled some more.

"Uh, yessir. I have a question about light crossbows and heavy crossbows."

"Well then, ask away.", he grumbled.

"Um, well, are you able to load a crossbow faster than a heavy crossbow?", I said quite low.

He then began to sorta lecture on information about crossbows that I didn’t really need, but I heard my answer in there somewhere.With that, he sent a young girl about town.

"Do you need anymore assistance?", he said. Finally, I built up the courage to ask, "Um, is that all you say? Do you need some more assistance? Loosen up and talk to me. Hug or wave to me or something."

Boy, was that a mistake to make or what? He furrowed his brow and stared at me with violet slitted eyes. "Listen, I’m hear to help people who need it, not to make friends."

And with that, he pulled his hood back up, which really darkened his face and took his finger up to his mouth. The finger disappeared for a brief second as he held it there in the shadow created by his hood. He brought it back down and I noticed it was shorter than what it use to be! Ack! He ate some of it! How sickening! I could not hold back any longer. I had to let go. After a few seconds of dizziness, I collected my sensess and noticed I had put my lunch, and possibly some of my breakfast, on Sneak’s boots and on the lovely mansion’s floor. He stood there, his brow raised, staring at me with shock at to what I just had done.

I couldn’t stand there any longer, I had to leave. I was afraid to what he might do to me. I could only imagine. And even if I’d imagine such things, I probably would have threw up again.

After taking a trip to the local bath house to clean myself up, I came back to the mansion, hidden. I peeked through the gate and saw a grinning saint lookin’ lady with a sluagh-hide whip in her hands and a couple other familiar Mentors who were whispering and smirking, standing next to a kneeled Sneak, who was cleaning the mess I made. I sighed then, and felt sorry for what I had done. For all Sneak wanted to do was help me, and to be left alone.