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Posted by on 1998 Mar 29 |

Rhoat Modas Jump Through Crossing

(Crossing, Zoluren: 281 Skullcleaver 353)

A band of mythical creatures were spotted today around the Town Green of the Crossing. They were called rhoat modas, and resembled a rather large toad in appearance. They were bulbuous and lumpy in peculiar places. From beneath its rubbery greenish hide massive muscles for jumping could be seen. The muscles appeared to flex and relax at curious intervals. They had a sinister looking mouth with an upward curl, showing their blood-thirsty nature.

When angered these mythical creatures are a force to be reckoned with, and slew more then just a few of the citizens of the Crossing. Eye witnesses have reported seeing these creatures in the crocodile marsh on two different occasions, as well as near the Moon Mage and Ranger guild halls.

A bit after the initial wave of the creatures came quite a few other waves, killing many adventurers along the way. These creatures are very powerful and rather intelligent, so if you see one on the road call for help.

And make sure you have favor with your god.