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Posted by on 1998 Mar 1 |

Salius’ Maps Takes Monthly Award

(The Three Provinces: 233 Arhat 353)

Salius, one of the Realm’s most respected cartographers, was awarded the Site of the Month award for his Fyne Mappes of Elanthia.

In the announcement of this prestigious award, the selection committee said, "Almost since the beginning of DragonRealms Salius has provided us with easy to navigate maps of high quality and managability. These maps are relatively small downloads and are clearly marked to aid in your exploration of Elanthia."

I’ll go one further by adding that this should be one of the required visits by every newcomer to the Realms. I have used the maps to help people when they have questions about hunting areas that have opened up since I was of the age to hunt there. I don’t really consider these essential tools to be strictly the province of new folk.

Salius, your excellent work is well honored with this! Congratulations.


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