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Posted by on 1998 Feb 7 |

The Mystery of the Evil Ferry

(Riverhaven, Therengia: 88 Lirisa 353)

The other day I was taking the ferry to Riverhaven, just like every other day. But the poor ferry captain was having such a problem moving in the thick fog that was clinging to the river that I decided the least frustrating thing I could think of doing was to sleep.

"Perhaps when I awaken," I thought, "the fog would be better."

So I crawled into the cabin on the ferry and slept.

It must have been an enchanted fog, I slept several days. When I opened my eyes next, however, in stead of being greeted by the Ferry Captain with a joke or two about what I’d been doing to sleep so long and a request for more fare, I find myself dead in the swamp.

I was a mess. I had severe paralysis, severe cuts and bruises on my eyes, and my abs, arms, and legs, were not just cut and bruised, there had been widespread bleeding.

Thank all the Gods for favors, I didn’t know sleeping was a dangerous activity.

After a consultation with a Guardian Mage, I learned that evidently in my haste to sleep I must not have quite closed the door all the way, so frustrated with the fog, I had just stormed off.

[OOC Note: Always log out properly. Always quit. Always wait for verification the quit was processed. Always log out. Don’t just disconnect the modem, the browser, or the Wizard. Did I mention to always log out?]

Someone must have dragged my catatonic body to swamp trolls and killed me while I was sleeping. Whoever this person is I wish them to please have a heart and return my ash-handled axe and my elven warsword. They were both in my hands when I was struck down in such an ignominious manner.