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Posted by on 1998 May 10 |

Altars Restored

(The Three Provinces: 50 Ka’len 354)

As of earlier this winter, the altars that have been attacked since 2 Elanthian years earlier are being restored. The altar at the Cleric’s Guild chapel was first to be restored, and it is rumored that a small bird, perhaps a wren, is a sign from the gods to show if an altar is ready for restoration.

The actual process of restoring an altar goes as follows: An empath must first heal the altar, touch and answer a question posed by the altar. This step can be deadly if the question is answered incorrectly. A cleric in need of devotion must wash altar or sprinkle the room with holy water. Another cleric must use Meraud’s commune to sanctify the ground. A novice cleric must sacrifice a filled favor orb on the altar. A holy warrior, paladin pure of soul must trace the symbol of Rutilor on the altar with the blood of a holy animal and then offer her sword (unblessed) to help protect the altar.

After that, whatever races have not yet participated in the restoration must touch the altar. Everyone present must then pray, and use their faith to walk along the starry road in the No Place yet not enter the gates. Those who participated will then get a star when they touch the altar again. This star gives a vision to the participant of that area, and whether if the altar present (if there is one) requires cleansing. Finally a Bard must write an original song and sing of the tasks set forth to restore the altar. The bard receives a special gift from Faenella at the end.

As of this writing of the article, the altars that have been restored are:

  • the Crossing Cleric Chapel
  • Arthe Dale’s Glythide shrine
  • Shrine of Forethought (SE of High Altar)
  • Damaris Shrine near Kaerna
  • Shrine of Thought (SW of the High Altar)
  • Hodierna’s Solace (N of Leth)
  • Everild’s Shrine (in SCC)
  • Kuniyo’s Shrine (between Lagen and Theren)
  • Kertigen’s Shrine in Crossing
  • Warrior’s Shrine (NW of High Altar)

Altars still in need of restoration:

  • Lemicus (out crossing W gate)
  • Saemus (out crossing NE gate)
  • Theren
  • Lagen
  • Leth
  • Urrem’tier
  • Berengaria
  • Hodierna in the Crossing Temple
  • Shrine of Healing (W of High Altar)
  • Shrine of Destruction (East of High Altar)
  • Shrine of Outwardness (NE of High Altar)
  • Ushnish

22 altars in all, almost halfway done. Moon Mages receive visions and approximately two are restored after a vision.

The restoration is imperitive because the chalice is missing in the Urrem’tier shrine, preventing worthy clerics from gaining the Gife of Life. It is suspected that that will be the last shrine to be restored.



Baresh started working at the Wren’s Nest when it first opened in 349AL. He’s been hearing the news and pouring drinks ever since then.