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Posted by on 1998 Jun 19 |

Bards Gather to Try To Lift Comfort and Hope in Song to Wren

(City, Province: 213 Arhat 354)

All bards and friends of Wren are called to a special Gathering at the Magic Lute in the Crossing’s sewers, according to the Olde Calendar, Monday, June 22nd at 8pm Eastern.

To prepare for this, everyone is urged to keep comforting and hopeful prayers offerred up for the bardess Wren, and if the gods so inspire, to write a song for Wren that can be performed with all the voices of the Bardic Choir this evening.

These Songs of Hope will be performed before the Magic Lute in the hope that they will somehow reach her, and strengthen her, fill her with our love, and with thoughts that will give her hope.

Sunnie is organizing the Gathering, and there is some discussion right now that another later Gather might also be organized for the folk who find this time too early. I will keep this document updated with any such news.

Write songs of hope and love to help throw from her mind the awful circumstances she must have been in to have sung the heart-breaking song we heard last week. Write them and rehearse them! Arrange them for a chorus of many voices. There is magic in Music.