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Posted by on 1998 May 20 |

Crossing Plans Summary

(Crossing, Zoluren: 90 Lirisa 354)

Two nights ago, I met wit the heads of various Ordas and Groups, then we met with some Paladins such as our oldest Guild Memba, Steeler. Then we had a more public meetin.

Here are the condensed results of those meetings and past experience:

  • We really dont know what da hell is gonna happen.
  • Dere’s evidence from comments by the bardess Wren, certain Prophecies, and otha implacations by the Gods that we are in for bloodshed.
  • We were really unorganized and not prepared for a real war or intelligent attack
  • This is basically in regards ta Defendin Crossing.

So, we all agreed on one thing – lets prepare for the werst.

We dont know if were gonna be attack by flyin creatures (Missile Ranged Air Strike) undaground creatures, attacked from the inside as well as the outside, attacked with funky weaponry, isolated, barracaded in, be dealin with the same Gorbesh, a completely different race, who knows.

Otha things we agreed on:

Problem: There are too many people ta organize unda one head if we’re goin fer max efficiency and flexability. People leave the realms and come in at different times. Large groups are unmanagable. There was no consistant plan, or backup plan.

  • We have ta assume we wont have gwets
  • We have ta assume we might get wrecked and split up
  • We have ta assume we might get deprived of unexpected things – like access inta or outta town.

Other things we talked about:

  • Some info indicated that there will be a greater need fer certain Guilds – like Clerics and Bards.
  • We didnt really take advantage of herbs
  • We GROSSLY undautilized group strategies like the Bard’s Lilt which can restore vitality in 2 pulses, the Bard’s rage for combat bonus, or the drums for survival benefits like evasion and disarmin spheres.
  • We didnt have a backup communication system in case the gwets went out
  • We didnt have predetermined areas ta go if things got really bad and chaotic.
  • We didnt take advantage of group strategies like havin Paladins use their Lead ability, constantly cast Rally, courage and anti stun their groups. Maybe even cast Sentinel’s Resolve on the enemy mages ta neutralizem if needed.
  • We didnt guard archas and mages and focus attacks
  • We didnt share info well when we learned of a new enemy attack or effective defense.
  • We didnt have people whose job it was ta jus drag when someone got stunned.
  • We didnt know where the nearest Rejuve Center was when we had a dead comrad.
  • Many people jus went around killin and not carin about any strategy, jus carin about takin stuff and killin and enemy.

Challenge: How can we be our most flexible, most effective, and most managable considerin the volume of people, the obvious problems, and unknown factas.

Here is the Solution we agreed on to maximize our strengths and minimize our weaknesses:

Predetermined Paladin lead Strongholds and Patrols.


These are locations guarded by Paladins, used as Rally Points, Rejuve and Healing Centers. In them, ideally, you can count on finding Clerics, Paths, and Paladins. They are rejuve/glyph/heal/rally point spots. These locations are chosen for two reasons: Their powa supply and location in town in case we are split up or barracaded with lost bridges and passageways.

There are 4.

  1. For the West Gate area – The Viper’s Nest Inn – west of Acedemy of Agility.
  2. For the NE/N Gate area – The Gaethrend’s Court Inn – w, s, w from NE Gate.
  3. For the East Gate/Temple area – The Bath House – nw, w, w, w of Bank.
  4. For the SW/Ferry – The Sand Pit Tavern – se, sw, sw, nw from Warehouse.

The taverns and Inns were said by the Gods ta NOT be attacked on purpose. These four locations cover the each quad well, and have good powa. They each cova key locations.

Paladin Patrols:

We all agree that what we need is smalla, more managable groups. The key to this is Paladins bein responsable. We wanna get Paladins ta be responsable, and loyal, to a paticula type of Patrol. We want people ta be loyal to a paticula Paladin/type of patrol.

Problem: People arent always around.
Solution: Be loyal to a paticula Patrol, have ovalappin Patrols, and duplicate Patrols. Patrols do not abandon territories for anythin less then an extreme emergency. And even then, if there isnt a duplicate Patrol, it might not be a good idea.

Paladin Repsonsability:

In orda ta make this all doable – Paladins need ta be leadas and take responsability fer havin well rounded, managable, flexible, prepared groups. What we mean by well rounded, managable, flexible and prepared, is havin a group size of no more then around 15. The Paladin must know ta split off if it gets larga, unda anotha Paladin’s leadaship. It means the Paladin makes sure the various Guilds are represented, 15 allows fer duplicates. The Paladin needs ta try and have 2 Bards doin different songs, need ta make sure each melee fighta is guardin the right person. The Paladin is in charge of staffin dere Patrol, and fillin in gaps. What this accomplishes is localized management thats way more doable.

Types of Patrols:

  • Type A – Focused on Strongholds
  • Type B – Focused on Key Locations on the Perimeters and Outide of town.
  • Type C – Focused on Key Locations on the Perimeters and Inside of town.
  • Type D – Specialized

Nature of Patrols:

IT IS PRIORITY to have self-sufficient, well-rounded groups. There are many reasons, the big one bein incase any of the groups are cut off, or come across the unknown, they are as prepared as dey can be and maximize dere chances of success.

The Paladin must make sure that someone has ample herbs, that each Guild is represented, that everyone has a blessed weapon (maybe a wooden weapon too, dependin if ya wanna take stock in that ruma), that all know who ta guard, that the guardas know not to advance and leave their guard unless warrented (such as the person they are guardin aint bein attacked), that the mages and archas know ta go for which target (first, second, third, fourth etc) and wetha or not ta go for the ranged users of the enemy first. The Paladin must make sure there are missle attackers in their group (what if the enemy launches an air strike?) Alot of this judgement will come from the Paladin’s assesment of dere group, and info about the nature of the enemy as it becomes available. The Paladin must make sure they his group is as spelled up as dey can with anti stun and courage fer example, they must keep a pristine soul for Lead and maximize their magic use… and that the skills and talents of the group are put into effect.

Type A Patrol: Stronghold.

These Patrols eitha stay in or around their Stronghold. The can slightly widen their scope if they feel the Clerics and Paths inside are safe and with pratection, or if their is more then one Patrol for that location. In eitha case, the Clerics and Path that are stationed there WILL NOT be left alone. As a rough general guideline Id say if a Type A is gonna leave their Stronghold, they should have a range of no more then lets say 4-6 spaces.

  • That allows the Stronghold # 1 Patrols (West Gate/Viper’s Nest Inn) ta ovalap with the West Gate Patrol and keep an eye on the bridge.
  • That allows the Stronghold # 2 Patrols (NE gate/The Gaethrend’s Court Inn) to ovalap with NE gate Patrol and keep and eye on the Hospital and Paladin Guild.
  • That allows the Stronghold # 3 Patrols (Bath House) to ovalap with the Temple Patrol and keep and eye on Town Green, the centa of town.
  • That allows for the Stronghold # 4 Patrol (Ferry/Sand Pit Tavern) ta ovalap with the Ferry Patrol. Due to the isolated nature of this Patrol, Id say they can widen their range alot more ta cova the usually neglected south/southwest areas.

Type B Patrol: Outside Perimeter

Gates, the paths around the gates, the ferry, the main roads to the city.

The West Gate
The Paths to West gate
The North Gate
The Path from West gate to North Gate
The Path from North Gate to Northeast Gate
The Northeast Gate
The East Gate
The Path from Northeast Gate to East Gate (includin that footpath)
The Docks and Ferry to and from Leth
The Northern Trade Route

Type C Patrol: Inside and Perimeter

The Temple and Shrines
The Gates
The Dock
The Bridges
The Guilds
The Sewers
The Key Areas such as the Acedemy, Town Green, Trainin Facilities.

Type D Patrols: Specialized.

This is sort of a Miscellaneous Group fer those "extra" things.


(Tigerfang and his Intelligence Agency are werkin for this as we speak): Runners are younga people who know the Patrols and werk ta keep communications between them fresh. We cant count on gwets, and not everyone hasem. When an enemy is dealt with at one locations, its the Runners that can relay the nature of the enemy to the otha Patrols, so that we can learn our enemy and be prepared. The Runners will update the Patrols, bring them supplies if needed, but basically asses so that we know where the weak spots are in terms of Patrol coverage, enemy forces, and general happenings. They help decide if any Group should abandon dere Patrol. It is up to the Paladin leadas to decide these things.. and the Runners have the vital info, the general picutre, and most of all, the ability ta let the otha Patrols know ta stay on course, and ta lettem know where there was "surplus" that could be afforded ta relocate to the area of need. Runners should be stealthy, and always stay outta harms way. They can be key, we cant losem.

Gear Suppliers:

We thought it would be a good idea ta assume the stores will be closed – and have certain people visit the Strongholds, the Patrols, and the citizens in general ta hand out blessed weapons of varous kinds. Perhaps Traders can purchase some, and otha supplies, fer distribution.

Herb Suppliers:

Same idea as above. Especially for the Paths in the Strongholds and Patrols. Perhaps Traders can purchase some, and otha supplies, or distribution.

That is the basic deal that is praposed.

What we need now are basically 2 things.

PALADINS willin ta take responsability of a PATROL.


The people willin ta support it.

So, I ask that you all write in with any offerings, suggestions, comments,.. and I also ask that you do some recruitin of all kinds of people and havem write Apostle Headquartas at so that we can man these patrols.

We need people who will be loyal to a service or Patrol so we can make up for the fact that people wont be around at times, and have multiple Patrols overalappin.

Anotha benefit ta smalla, managable groups that run demselves is that we will be more effective, and get ta know eachotha, within the group. After a few days that means ALOT, and any of ya know from yer experiences werkin in groups or leadin on da hunt.

We now need people ta be loyal to specific Patrols, and to the Paladins assigned to those Patrols. And of course, the Paladins willin ta lead and manage.

Tonight, I will be available fer any final talks and preparation we need ta do. Patrols and Stationin need ta start Wednesday.

This needs ta function without us, me, you, bein around. And multiple, ovalappin, Paladin lead Patrols, with Paladins focused on the needs and abilities of their groups, is the best we came up as the Core and Base of an overall Strategy ta deal with the unknown, while maximizin ourselves.

Hope ta hear from ya soon ( is where to reach me.) Our Army of Patrols is growin good. Let me know of any preferences ya have if ya decide ta help. Include yer circle and Guild too.


Leader of the Apostles



Baresh started working at the Wren’s Nest when it first opened in 349AL. He’s been hearing the news and pouring drinks ever since then.