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Posted by on 1998 Jul 12 |

Destruction of Staff Brings Questions

(Crossing, Zoluren: 301 Skullcleaver 354)

I will now recount the events of the previous evening as best and as fairly as I can.

For those who not acquainted with the story of the Adan’f, I offer a quick summary.

During the reign of Dzree, the Dragon Priests sought to create a controllable race of battle-worthy creatures to meld into great armies. After several failures, the Adan’f were created. Although they were perhaps very close to success, the "empire" was no falling into decay, and Dzree was soon dead. The Adan’f were left without masters.

However, before her death, Dzree’s followers created a powerful magical staff. This staff was bestowed with the ability to summon a great number of air elementals, to serve as a powerful and loyal force to its wielder. Lost to the world when the Dragon Priests fell, this staff recently came into the possession of the Adan’f. Perhaps realizing this great danger, the Fateweaver Amiss devised a plan to take the staff before it could be used against the people of the provinces.

Amiss took the staff, setting off the first Adan’f attacks on Shard. Initially, only an illusionary staff was created, but eventually a complete replica was made by Amiss. Taking it back with her, she died so that the Adan’f would take the bait. And they did. During this time, a certain Moon Mage, Digmo, kept possession of the real staff for her. For awhile, all was quiet.

Then, just a few evenings ago, the Adan’f somehow discovered the ruse. Adan’f Spirit Dancers were sent into Shard to regain the staff, and as acid rain fell upon the city, many hundreds died. But the staff was not found.

Amiss and Digmo had already escaped to the north, where they received a scroll from Moon Mage Guildmaster Tiv. The scroll informed them that they must fight one element with another. In this case, to destroy the staff, they would have to consume the Air with Fire. He told them to go to the smashed village of Sicle Grove, which had been destroyed by the Fire Mage Mibgluc some months before. Upon arriving, they discovered a fissure filled with magma. Hurling the staff into it, Digmo destroyed the staff, as it burnt to ash within the magma.

However, even as a victory seemed at hand, something more was created by the destruction of the staff. Some new energy surged under the ashes. Not knowing what it was, the group in Sicle Grove was told to return to the Crossing by Eshrali, Guildmaster Gauthus’ hawk familiar. Once there, a brief discussion ensued. Gauthus and Amiss spoke of a great danger growing in Sicle Grove. Ever since the destruction of the staff, War Mages had been feeling great surges of power. Gauthus said, rather bluntly, that the War Mages and Moon Mages are going to have to "grow up" and work together to defeat this new threat. The discussion ended, with Gauthus promising to call the Archmage Saekhi to investigate, and Amiss promising to gain the aid of the Grand Master of the Moon Mage Guild, Taramaine.

So, there you have it.

Or is that really all? Have we forgotten the Mirror Wraith prophecy?

Many feel that the prophecy is soon going to come to its end, and that the coming end will be far from pleasant. Have the people of the realms been led blindly along it’s path?

Whatever be true, the decisions made by the adventurers of the realms will ultimately decide the fate of the Dragon’s Realms.

Dhelt Paxinarth