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Posted by on 1998 Jun 17 |

End of Week Concerts a Smash Hit!

(The Three Provinces: 180 Uthmor 354)

The new concert series by Wren’s Nest Tavern, in a joint arrangement with Baearholdt’s Taproom and Brewery, was a raving success by all accounts. The Taproom was comfortably filled with adventurers from all walks of life as they gathered to hear the bardess Nimuen Wavesinger perform.

And perform she did, with crowd pleasers and the premier of a new number as well. The ales flowed, the songs sparkled, and the warmth of friends old and new filled each of us in attendance.

This week at the End of the Week Concert, another favorite bard, Kortny will entertain us with his charming samplings of song and stories, dance music and more.

I hope you will be able to find the time in your busy schedule to join with everyone in this uplifting experience and celebration of song and life in the Realms!

By the reckoning of the Olde Calendar, each Saturday evening, [at 10:30 Eastern], a new performer will take the spotlight and charm the audience at Baearholdt’s Taproom and roadside Tavern. (Baearholdt’s Taproom is conveniently located on the Northern Trade Route between The Crossing’s Northeast Gate and Arthe Dale, on a small twisting path.)

The finest performers from all over the Realms will be featured in each End of the Week Concert in the weeks to come. It will be a fine time to show your support of the performing arts in Elanthia.

New acts will be considered for the End of the Week Concerts by audition only. The schedule is filling up for weeks in advance already. Please contact Dreamheart in the Crossing, or by messenger to to arrange the audition.