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Posted by on 1998 Jun 23 |

My New Home I Found in the Lost Crossing

(Lost Crossing, Zoluren: 229 Arhat 354)

Here’s me story of me new home in the sewers of the Lost Crossing. It was a strange time in me life, and if you could do it all over again, I would never even dream of it.

Well, me fate twas partly me fault I will say right off the start, aye? I had been having a spell-to-spell "battle" with a friend of mine for a short time now. We would never hurt each other too bad eh, but we would just cast spells at each other while we would spar. Actually, the bloody War Mage would cast spells on me, and I would fire me trusty longbow at his smelly hide. I hadn’t had a spell until Kalika let me hit the 13th circle when I finally got me spell Swarm. So, I figured I’d surprise him with my new spell.

So, I found him, or so I thought, in Barana’s Shipyard fighting rats. I said to meself, "This is weird, what’s ‘e doin’ ‘ere? Must be usin’ a new weapon er something eh?"

So I passed him and went to the next section of docks right, and I hid there. I prepped me spell and snuck back to him. I cast it on him, laughed, and then ran to me beloved Ranger guild.

As I was working to get me next circle, out of nowhere, Whoosh!

I was whisked away to the home of a Great Mage whose name may remain in private if they want it that way. I got me customary slap on the wrist eh, but then, she did nae send me rump back to me guild, she sent me to the sewers of the "Lost Crossing." Nae the Crossing, the LOST Crossing. You probably never heard of it either.

Now, me first reaction was to look around and I’d find me a quick way out righto. But no eh? It was a big long circle. Then I found some vents, grates, and ladders, all leading to the "Old Sewers." I searched these places back and forth round ‘n round ’til I couldn’t finds me nothing new. I almost wore out me boots. I started to get very frustrated. I consulted the people in me head.

Well, the thinkers of the gweth eh. They were willing to give ideas and suggestions, and they even sent their little animal critters to come help me. This went on for a few days right, about a week. Some of the animals would bring me food and drinks and such. One critter even brought me a little doll, which became my "friend" in the cold, wet nights. These people were the greatest help and the best friends a lonely Ranger could ever ask for righto! They would help me laugh and try to stay happy while in what I thought would surely be the last days before I went out of me head.

In the Old Sewers, I found critters called Shinkins. Weird fellas they was. Like the field goblins of the overworld I’d say. They didnae teach me much, but they were willing to let me hunt ’em when I got too bored. I tried to be nice to em right? They didnae wanna hear it. They’d advance instead so I was forced to take reason to the next stage and drive me arrows through they l’il bodies right. They smelled anyways. Didnae really like the buggers anyways.

So now hear I am, stuck down in these smelly ole sewers right, and I got nothing to do, other than play me bones, talk to some critters, and hug me dolly. I did have some good snacks to eat though eh?

The one mate who was the best to me while I was in my new home, was Randshia right. Another Ranger he is. He’d send his ‘coon in and it’d bring me silly l’il gifts. The first was a stick. Then there was an acorn. It was quite strange. But well, he was trying to keep me head up.

In all me days in the sewers, I saw nothing but critters, and filth. Never saw no other people. I could have left plats all over the place, they woulda been there when I woke up. No one I know has ever heard of this place before I was thrown in there. I dunno what it could be, but I could be some sort of pioneer eh? Imagine, I coulda found an ancient city, buried under the Crossing for ages. But what I want to know is right, is that, why does it nae say a thing about this place anywhere if the Crossing was build over it?

Totally strange this place is. After waiting for what seemed to be days for the assistance of the Great Mages, I finally spoke to Derrey, who in turn, got my sorry, smelly self outta there. I owe him a great deal eh? So now, I stay away from as many snerts as possible, and I am never going near sewers again righto!