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Posted by on 1998 May 13 |

Mysterious Marsh Critters

(Riverhaven, Therengia: Akroeg 354)

A sinuous elsralael is a leathery creature with a barbed tail and many rows of sharp teeth lining its mouth. Local legend holds that the creature is beloved of Drogor, the god of angry seas. From its grey-green scales to its leathery white underbelly, the creature seems right at home in Drogor’s realms.

In crocs the other day I was helping Raise some people(shortly after the first major Gorbesh attack) when Meanne yells at me to drag everyone into the reeds. Eventually, she finally got to explaining what was wrong. These very Elsralael’s where in OUR crocs, new and mysterious. She had read about them somewhere and that they show in packs of three.

Well there were three all right. I saw one, and sat back and watched; it cleaved a guy in half in one hit, and I knew it was gonna be "fun". After bolting they crazy thing, it managed to dodge three more consecutive fully targeted bolts after that, (that’s insane evasion i tell you) and the brat scratched my armor. Anywho Meanne came and bolted it to death while I dodged and retreated. (We even managed to find out they were skinnable)

But what were these things exactly? Drogor is some sort of Water god aspect, the darker side of Eluned, you know. And why did they show up then, suddenly and only three? They proved to be quite nasty by the accounts of all the corpses we dragged to shore. Are they a sign of things to come in the foretold Maritime province?

You’ve been warned now. Spread the word.

Duly recorded as per Powerhaus "the Parade of Human Oddities" Stonekeepers