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Posted by on 1998 May 12 |

Province Government Calls for Citizen Readiness

(The Three Provinces: 60 Ka’len 354)

You see a weathered and stained, but official looking, document posted above the bar:

"The Gorbesh attacked and destroyed the original gweth mines. As you know, the mines were a carefully protected secret until some traitor revealed to the enemy their location. Even so, complacency prevented the mines from being properly guarded. Who would have suspected the Gorbesh of such a daring move after so long?

Strategists in the realms have commented on the brilliant tactic of destroying the communication lines before their attack. Their subsequent attacks nearly brought the downfall of the Provinces. I think it was only the sheer determination of those who stood in the lines (and a bit of luck) that prevented the entire realms from falling to those brutes.

But things are not over. The cleanup continues. While the masses beat on the doors of the government demanding a new, high quality mine be discovered, the government is hold up in their offices still trying to deal with the possibility of a second, more massive invasion. If they are distracted for questing for a better gweth mine, it is only because of the more serious threat that pervades the realms after the Red Winter.

You may be worried about problems with your gweth devices, but you should be worried about far greater dangers lest they take you unawares…again.

Perhaps some adventurer searching the realms may find a better mine. Perhaps another source in another land will be found. Perhaps those who manufacture these gweths will be able to improve their techniques.

But nothing will be gained if you storm the government buildings and bring havoc to your beloved province. Quit this rabble rousing and turn to more constructive pursuits. Keep your eyes on the horizon and your thoughts on how better to help your fellow adventurer during these hard times. If we work together, we can overcome these difficulties.

The Court of the Five Provinces"

A personal note has been added to the bottom of this copy here on the bar in a flowing script:

I thought this might be better served being posted in this place than stuck to the tree where I found it.

In Faenella’s Grace,
Barnacus Vinayan

(OOC: This information was posted on the Simutronics Messageboards by Zoha)

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