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Posted by on 1998 May 23 |

Scholars Pore Over Recent History

(The Three Provinces: 105 Lirisa 354)

NEW UPDATE! The important events of the last few days needed to be added here. At the same time, I discovered to my horror that some of the relevant articles were missing in this collection. I have fixed these copies. My apologies.

Two more resources of relevant material have been submitted. These and the previous scrolls from both the Wren’s Nest and other sources have been added here to the list of things to study. If someone is aware of others not included, please write to me with the information. I looked everywhere I could think of, and found very little current news or information.

While the warriors and defenders make plans for war and seige, our scholars pray for intelligent intuition to understand what is taking place around them.

You cannot go far these days without hearing someone speak of "The Prophecy". To facilitate matters, I have researched many old stories told to Baresh here in the Tavern (as well as references to outside sources), in hopes that they will provide additional clues.

  • Destruction of Staff Brings Questions
  • Pentaith’s Encyclopedia of Who’s Who

  • The Death of Lady P (and what became of that music box…)
  • The Seer
  • A Song Of Despair — Is it Wren’s?
  • Letter to Gorbesh from Risden
  • Faint, but Hopeful Response to Bard Gather

  • Amiss’ Dark Weaving’s Article from Waerd Aev
  • The Halfling’s Invasions, Theories and scrolls, including some activities surrounding the mysterious Emuin
  • Cleric’s Tale of a Wren Feather

  • The Prophecy of The Three Decievers
  • Nissa’s Ring Proven a Fake
  • Chance Encounter with the Weaver of Fate
  • Carrier Pigeon Downed Carrying Sealed Message
  • Mysterious Message Found on Assassinated Carrier Pigeon
  • Weaver of Fate Tells a Tale at Moon Mage Guild
  • Something I Recalled About the Guardians
  • Weaver of Fate & Crimson-Robed Lich have Chance Meeting
  • Dark Warnings from a Silvery Seer
  • Facts to Consider in Current Events
  • The Murder of an Undead Friend
  • Facts to Consider in Current Events II
  • Scholars Correct Lavival Calendar
  • The Longest Winter
  • Shrines Attacked by Foul Creatures
  • Fear of the Fylgja
  • A Night With A Fateweaver
  • The Drums of War
  • A Wrong Turn in a Battle
  • Gorbesh Destroy Gwethdesuan Source
  • Altars Restored
  • The Return of the Chalice
  • Province Government Calls for Citizen Readiness
  • A Call to Defend The Magic Lute
  • A Vision of a Cleric
  • A Conversation With bardess Wren
  • Wren’s Song
Some of the Teiro/Lanival things might be of interest, but you will have to look beyond the talk of a war that never happened to glean much.
  • Elven Citizens Approached For Army, Teiro May Try Again
  • Wyett’s Warning
  • The Prophecy of The Three Decievers
  • Mr. Grell at Paladin’s Session
  • Smell of Death at Cleric’s Guild
  • Drums of War Precede Attack
  • Lynch Mob Assaults Grell
  • Nissa’s Ring Proven a Fake