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Posted by on 1998 Jun 23 |

Timothy Freed

(Crossing, Zoluren: 228 Arhat 354)

I’m not sure where to start, but have often been told that the beginning is a good place, so that’s what I’ll try to do. The other day I entered the town hall, and, for no reason in particular decided to wander around it a little. I had been upstairs before, but had never had a good look around the hall. Anyways, as soon as I climbed the stairs I met a friend, and we talked for a while. Much to my suprise Timothy entered the room soon after.

In my experience Timothy had always wandered outside, but I had never seen him in a building. I asked my friend about this and he told me that Timothy had been in the Town Hall for quite some time. I smiled at Timothy and greeted him, though his mind was still on the Sicle Grove massacre.

After a few moments Timothy entered the Public Meeting room in the town hall, and I followed wishing I could offer some consolation. Soon, more people began to appear, most of them hoping for Timothy to give them something. (Note: I am not going to mention any names, those involved know who they are.) One of the people in the room decided to try and keep Timothy locked in the room, so that they could get ‘gifts’ from him.

I asked, "Why are ye closing the doors?" and the prompt reply was, "Keep Timothy in here."

This was obviously not a very nice thing to do, and I told them that.

"Ye have no right to trap Timothy in here," I tried to explain.

"Sure we do" was one of the many responses I recieved.

"He’s been through a lot and doesn’t need a bunch of adventurers constantly bothering him."

To this I recieved the reply, "The deal is we keep him here till we get something neat!" along with a groan from another.

I was appalled by this, and whispered to Timothy that I would help him get out, if he wanted. I opened the doors leading out of the room, and after a while of comments from people to the effect that Timothy was going to remain in the Town hall forever anyways, Timothy stood up. He looked at the ceiling and asked, "Where is the sky?"

I told him that he was inside, and the roof was blocking the sky.

Timothy asked "Why?"

I answered, "Ye wandered in here, but ye can leave if ye like."

He then said, "I need to be outside. I can’t hear the children inside," as he peered out a window.

Timothy went through the doors then, and I followed. Once there he said again, "I can’t see the sky."

I explained to him that he was still inside, but if he joined me, I could show him the way outside. He then asked me to just listen for sounds of the children and tell him which way to go. I assumed he still wished to go outside, and I gave him directions outside.

Soon Timothy was standing outside on Lunat Shade road, peering up at the sky and inhaling deeply. I smiled at him. We talked for a little while… the conversation wasn’t the most intricate I’ve ever had, but it was also the first time I’ve ever really managed to talk to Timothy. He finally said, "I think I’ll wander."

Though there are still those who think Timothy is nothing more then a halfling wandering around to give them gifts, I hope that maybe one day they will understand him better. At least now Timothy can see the sky.

By my hand,
Fendrik Kjeld’ar