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Posted by on 1998 May 23 |

Wren’s Song

(Somewhere in the Realms: 105 Lirisa 354)

The bardess Wren performed this touching song. Keep it near your heart.

Sorrow Spring, will the rain never cease,
Red Winter puddles before weak weary feet,
We hold to our song and courage increase,
Lest hope depart with our body’s defeat.

Does the loss of a feather doom the fall of a bird?
Does the loss of our lives mean a tacit downfall?
Do the cries of the fallen go ever unheard?
My brethren and sisters, let us lift up our call!

My Lady, the music grows great in our hearts,
Our hold to our lives still stronger this day,
Let the lute sing with us who sought but to start,
And seek each moment to learn how to play…

To play the song of Life on the strings of thy power
A music that comes from your gift and bless’d song,
A song we hear grows stronger this hour,
A chorus of One, our faith is still … strong.

Then Wren said, "Sweet peace follow you," and returned to rest.