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Posted by on 1998 Nov 2 |

All Guilds Called to New Gathering for Wren

(Shard, Illithi: 356 Dolefaren 355)

Well, because of all the dead (and undead) that plagued the realms the night we planned to gather, we’re going to try another Gathering for Wren, the young bardess captured by the Gorbesh. The gathering will take place at the entrance to the cave south of Shard [on Wednesday, November 11, 1998, at 11pm (Eastern).]

To get there from the south gate of Shard, go south until you go into the area where you go north, southeast, then take the path and go one west, then take the south fork until it dead ends. If you run into any Adan’f, you have gone the wrong way! (A hasty exit is suggested! You’ll find it difficult to participate when dead…)

The reasoning behind this is a new theory that the cave could lead us to Wren and the warmth of everyone’s voices could contribute to melting the frost barrier. Shard is also a good place because it was where Wren was first sighted. We really want to have everyone there that can make it, people from all guilds and all races, and with wren feather items.

Bards, prepare songs, new or not, so that as many voices as possible can be lifted up at once. With the power of music, of love, and of hope, we will try to reach out to touch her, and hopefully to bring her home safely.  


Baresh started working at the Wren’s Nest when it first opened in 349AL. He’s been hearing the news and pouring drinks ever since then.