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Posted by on 1998 Aug 22 |

Dragon Worshippers in the Crossings

(Crossing, Zoluren: 65 Ka’len 355)

Simply by accident, I stumbled upon what I believe to be a truly terrible threat to the safety of the Three Provinces. Whether my fears are hysteria, or a justified reaction, I am not sure.

To explain what has happened, I must first elaborate upon a bit of history, the records of the great and terrible Cult of the Dragon Priests, whose reign of terror lasted from around -203 to -1 B.V.L. Led in their latter years by Dzree, a repulsive smozh (Tailless) S’kra, the Dragon Priests destroyed hundreds of lives and left a bleeding scar upon the history of Elanthia. The S’kra Mur still are blamed for the Dragon Priests, even though only the oldest of Elves still recall personally the actions of the Cult.

Because of the racial memory of the Dragon Priests, every S’kra, when young, has drilled into his or her skull tale upon tale of the atrocities committed by the Priests, in a vague hope that the regime will not revive itself. I myself was exposed to stories of the bloody sacrifices of nonhumans, enslavery of all other races, and various other inhuman cruelties that the Priests committed in the name of their false faith.

With this history in mind, as it always is, I was studying under one of the Warmagi who rest outside their Guildhall doors, learning Scholarship so that I might better absorb the lessons taught me. I struck up a conversation with my teacher, learning that he was a Moon Mage by the name of Kailik, a Human. We continued for a while with small talk, and I healed passersby who were within my capabilities. A few moments had passed, when I heard a voice in the shadows, asking for Areka. I chuckled to myself, immediately assuming that here was one of the petty battles that the Crossing is so infamous for, and that it was certainly a minor thing, none of my concern.

I was hideously wrong. The voice was that of Lupaz, and I could tell by the distinctive sibilance that it was another S’kra that I was hearing. Conversing with him, asking about Areka, I managed to draw him forth from the place where he was hiding, and get a good look at him.

I was immediately repulsed. He was "smozh," or Tailless, meaning that he was completely honorless. The loss of one’s tail is a punishment among the S’kra Mur, meaning that one is the target of any petty would-be assassin who spots you, and that all other S’kra will be revolted by your presence. Seeing as how the only other smozh S’kra I had ever even heard of was Dzree, the witch of the Dragon Priests, I was slightly taken aback. Smiling at me, he requested that I not heal his tail. My mouth agape, I asked where he had lost his honor, and why, hoping against hope that it was some accident or chance occurance. With what I can only describe as a baleful glow in his eyes, he hissed at me..

"I am a world dragon priest!"

I turned to flee, hearing behind me the response of Kailik, "I worship the dragon as well".

I pray that Hodierna will forgive me the lessons I learned from that vermin masquerading as a Moon Mage, and that this added horror will not drag that fine guild any further into the mud. I have little advice as to how to deal with this menace, but I did feel that it should be known. There was nothing I could do immediately afterwards- I am a healer, not a warrior, and I value my vow enough that I could not strike the foul creature. Failing that, I put as much distance between him and me as I could.

If I find myself in danger because of this report, then so be it. Truth is more important, in this case, than my blood.

By my hand ~Wryne Theras’gwelden, S’kra Empath.