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Posted by on 1998 Oct 7 |

Encounter with Wren

(Crossing, Zoluren: 250 Moliko 355)

People throughout the three provinces sensed something through their wren items: A cold wind swirled, and a faint echo of distress. Shortly thereafter, a number of people ran to the Lute Room, in the sewers under Crossing.

There, we saw Wren, the kidnapped bardess, gasp and fall over, but we were unable to see her after that. Quickly the bards sang for her, the clerics prayed for her, everyone joined in sending their strength to her. A few minutes later she was there in the room again, then just as quickly gone.

We saw bars, a faint breath of cold, we could almost see, but could not reach….

The singing and praying continued, but to no avail. Wren reappeared but too briefly for more than a hug or a kiss on the cheek. All our efforts couldn’t keep her there in the Lute room.

I managed to get a look at her though. Poor dear! Her head and arms were bleeding badly, her hands were heavily scarred, and she looked like she was starving. She was still wearing the mantle Emuin gave her, and she had a drum pouch, but the rest of her clothing was stained and frayed. Wherever she’s being kept, Wren is not being well-treated.

[Editor’s Note: Bards in the Crossing’s Bard Guild also saw her once, as well as what happened in the underground cavity.]