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Posted by on 1998 Nov 2 |

Great Asset and Friend Lost – Gwindahl Walks

(Leth Deriel, Zoluren: 354 Dolefaren 355)

Many of us have conflicting views of Gwindahl, but the one thing any rationaly minded citizen will agree upon is that in the end, it appears his intentions were to help us.

In fact, he was our greatest link to the L’Karm, and offered us much information on the organization. Darius himself, knew of Gwindahl’s importance… that is why when Gwindahl outsmarted the L’Karm to escape their clutches and flee to The Crossings, Darius made it clear that the Halfling was to be well guarded. Despite his order, Gwindahl … and all his secrets are now lost.

It all started like this…

I was strolling around the Town Green, heading to pick up a new set of chairs for my humble abode, when long behold that scruffy Halfing darted past me like a cougar. I was stunned to see him out and about for I had thought he was still to be strictly guarded, I knew I had to reach him before the L’Karm did.

I quickly summoned my flying familiar, Arzaev, and ordered him to find Gwindahl quickly. Meanwhile I scoured the streets for him myself. Suddenly I felt Arzaev had found him, he was at the pier … apparantly heading to Leth.

I sprinted as fast as I could to the pier to stop him. What was he thinking!? He was heading right into the homeland of the L’Karm. Alas I arrived at the pier, but the ferry had already pulled away, so I was to wait for another.

While I was waiting, I met with an Emissary of Lord Marshal Steeler, named Sentimek. He explained to me that one called the "Demon" was abouts in the realms, and Steeler was in the process of tracking him down in Leth Deriel. I informed the Emissary that Gwindahl himself was enroute to Leth, via the Ferry. The situation seemed grim.

As Sentimek and I rode the ferry across, my concentration was focused on the vision of my falcon. It appeared that Steeler caught up with Gwindahl, and was engaged in an incredible effort to protect him from the hands of the "Demon". However the "Demon" got the upperhand, as he sprung a quick attack upon poor Gwindahl by casting a spell to engulf the Halfing in flames. But thanks to the speedy actions of Leth Deriel’s Wardens, the "Demon" was arrested and carried away, leaving Gwindahl free from any further attack. A kind Empath named Rhena was with the Lord Marshal, and she professionaly worked to take Gwindahl’s wounds… saving him from Death.

As the ferry docked I sped down the Southern Trade Route into Leth Deriel to join the effort to keep Gwindahl safe. When I caught up with them Gwindahl was recovering nicely, and there was still no sign of the "Demon". We then escorted Gwindahl to a Shed where apparantly he hid his secret stash of supplies.. for he was still unarmored and without any means of defense.

Gwindahl retrieved his belonging just as we were joined by Sentimek who offered to Moongate us back to the Crossing, so as to return Gwindahl to Darius’s protection.

We exited the shed and Sentimek began his preperations for his spell, suddenly the moongate flared in front of us. However escape we did not, for out of nowhere the "Demon" appeared. Wielding his staff into the air, he caused a substantial wind of great force to blow, tumbling us away from the area.

Matters were now grave, for the efforts of the "Demon" to capture Gwindahl had to be thwarted. I arose from being tossed around and searched for Gwindahl. Apparantly he had fallen victim to the powers of the "Demon’s" staff, for when I found him he lay motionless upon the ground… unscathed though.

Before I could act, I too, was to be rendered motionless by the paralyzing force from the staff. I watched unable to help as Gwindahl was dragged off by the "Demon", and that was the last I ever saw of the Halfling… for a matter of moments later I felt his death, and departure to the Starry Road.

Enraged with harsh feelings, and seeking revenge, Steeler and I set off to track down the "Demon" and make him pay for his actions. The power of his staff proved a formidable force in preventing us from retaliating however, for he consistantly paralyzed us from attacking and wickedly tried to wrought our bodies to flames with his magic. Luckily my Ethereal Shield protected me from his spell, but Steeler was less fortunate as I watched in horror when the flames engulfed him. We were then blown out of the area once more, I got back to my feet and started to make way back after the "Demon", but I noticed in addition to being in flames, Steeler was also paralyzed and unable to help himself in any way.

I stayed to assist, although there was little I could do while the flames where still burning, except call for an Empath. Surely enough though he became mobile again and rolled around on the ground untill the flames where extinguished.

Amazingly despite his wounds he came to his feet and we both set off again in search of the "Demon", but alas he had eluded us.

Without Gwindahl’s insight into the workings of the L’Karm our task to prevent their resurgance will undoubtly prove more difficult. In addition we have gained a new enemy, one who possess remarkable powers.

Keep vigilant Elanthia, amidst a sea of evil and numerous foes against us, only the sharpest of minds will prevail.

And may Gwindahl walk in tranquility, Meraud bless him for aiding us.